truley..."A Love Story"

If your a Lupe Head and can't wait for "Lasers" to drop, get ready to bust a nut.lol.

Lupe Fiasco's mixtape"Enemy of the State: A Love Story" is something that NEED to be downloaded...okay...I don't care what you say.."ehh imani get off his dick"..because as of right now im on it...for a reason..believe that.lol...I can honestly say that there isn't a track I won't listen to..which isn't surprising..songs like "Thank You" "National Anthem" or "The One" makes my ears vomit happiness.



Don't 2


Just don't...i think this picture literally says a thousand words
it's pretty self explanatory.


Don't 1

I was supposed to update my "DON'T" series
like...ehh...*yesterday*..so here it go


Take a shit when you know that somebody is getting ready
to take a shower. That is BEYOND nasty...and just bold.lol.
I mean...you wouldn't wanna walk into hot steamy poo air..now would you...I think not.
So..with that being said...be considerate.
hold your shit..let the other person enjoy washing themselves...because you KNOW..that you would hate to get into a hot stanking ass shower.
Be nice and not shitty


Limited Harajuku

Do you like to smell good.?okay..that was a dumb question..
because nobody wants to stink,but, if you wanna smell great,
why not smell like a Harajuku Lover...LIMITED
Yes..Limited..if your into Harajuku Lovers as a brand..not the Minaj Bullshxt
you might as well buy the collection...yea..collectables
c'mon nah..look at them..they wanna jump in christmas snow.lol.just adorable
It would make some fashionable chick smile *like moi* =]
and why stop with fragrances..the whole line is dope.!



The Wiz


SOOOOOO I'm about t download Wiz Khalifa's Mixtape,
Burn after Rolling
*right right*
and I came across this...enjoy



Soooooo RANDOM
I was at work (daycare) and I thought of this Idea called..."Don't"
Majority of people know right from wrong,while a few folks fail to understand
Me being Imani...I'm going to demonstrate what not to do *weekly.lol...Just for fun
starting 11.16.09

Also...if you want to participate send me your "Don't" pics to my email, imani_co09@yahoo.com



i am
to blogging...don't judge me.lol
Why not introduce myself..
ehh..where do I start...
My name is Imani. I am a freshman in college
I appreciate good music and I am developing a clothing line along with two of my friends
*coughs*....Abstract Orgasm
Overall I am a chill person
the end.lol