Photo Shoot

Yesterday I participated in a photo shoot which was shot by a good friend named Bre'Ann. Now, it wasn't the typical digital camera let's go downtown kinda of thing, obviously. This picture is quality, much like a professional and it has a theme to it.

Imagine, that you are in the woods, your car broke down...in the middle of nowhere. You know, the classic horror movie. Anyway, back to the vision. You're hearing all of the suspicious noises and then you think to yourself, "AWW SHIT, THE FLIPPIN CANNIBAL PIG LADY WAS KNOWN FOR EATING YOUNG HOT FOLKS IN THIS AREA. where do we run to?We don't know...why?CAUSE WE DON'T KNOW. OMG OMG OMG...WHAT DO WE DO?"

S'mores before we die? Don't mind if I do.

Take that as a description.
More pics are coming soon.

Check out Bre'Ann's work, her shit is crazy awesome. Here goes her facebook Bre W-Photography

What do BP spill next?

I love when people take an ultra serious subject and turn it into a joke, respectfully. This video makes the most sense in the world. Thanks to my sister, Hopee, I would've never came across this video.

The Anti-Mr Allen

I don't know if you all was there, but a couple of months back at BCKs Doc Waffles performed a song called "25 or 2 for 50 (I Don't Fuck With)" which was pretty dope to me. I don't fuck with 29 or 2 for 50...do you? Go ahead and listen.

The beat is produced by Crate Digga of United States of Mind.
Download here


The Jealous Guys

I'm assuming that these guys are from San Fran,Cali. Which is pretty cool in my book, haven't networked that far. Anyhoo...those guys are The Jealous Guys, some awesome guys if you let me tell it.

I don't wanna seem like I'm dicksmokin these Cali dudes, but I mean their shit is dope. Watch the video above and then download "the One Night Stand" mixtape. You'll understand why I state these things. Download the mixtape right about here.

Fuck you Doin..?

Big Sean "What You Doing"(Bullshttin) Commercial.
The shit is nice, watch it now.
And again

And again...

Brain Leakage pt.3

I gradually sit back and observe folks that I have had some kind of relations with. Whether they we're friends family or an x-significant other. Ever since I graduated back in '09, I have realized that I don't need a lot of the people in my life. I'm going through that same thought process now.

1 : to become different s every hour>
2 of the moon : to pass from one phase to another
3 : to undergo transformation, transition, or substitution changed to spring>
4 : to put on different clothes
-kudos to online dictionaries

Everybody is gonna change within sometime, if they believe it or not. So far, from what I am witnessing people are changing for some weak shit. Peeps doing shit because of what other people view as "cool". Or they use connections from their friends hoping to get recognized from someone they think have a tad bit of fame. Like, myself and this chick used to hang out heavy when we was in school. And it's no doubt that we have drifted apart, but she changed into that weak shit. She's not the only one, but why do folks wanna be apart of the hype so bad? That "hangin in the studio" shit do not impress me. Yo, what are you contributing? What is your purpose? I have a reason to be "there" but shit, I don't have a vehicle neither am I pressed about it. Y'all put to much emphasis on shit. You don't understand how bad that shit look. That's that groupie shit, being there for no valid reason. I can go into depth about why it's stupid, but I simply don't feel like typing all of that. I just hate that a lot of the people that I once cared about is changing into something despicable and pathetic. Once again, that goes for family, friends and x-significant others. If you're gonna change, change for the better. Don't change into a complete dick smuggler jumping on band wagons and riding coat tails. I love old sayings by the way. If anything be the person that build the band wagons and change society that we live in. Doesn't that make sense?


Beautiful Day

Avalon International Breads is probably one of the best bakeries that I have been to in Detroit. Truth be told, my folks would always take me there as a child...I don't remember. But, everything is organic and you're guaranteed to digest a mouth full of greatness.


the Air Up There

This is where I am at every last Saturday of each month. I suggest you come also.
It's on June 26th, the day after the Red Cup Summer Session thingy.
It is held at Bob's Classic Kicks on 4717,Woodward and Forest , in Detroit of course
Doors open at 9, performances start at 10 and the whole event ends at 1a.m.
$5 with Nikes and $7 without.
BE THERE OR BE...STUPID? (that was weak)


Brain Leakage pt.2

I'm assuming that you all know that the "Brain Leakage" post is myself venting.

I'm not talkin heads or anything, just shit that's resting on my mind.

Success? What is the definition of this over used word?

Pronunciation: \sək-ˈses\ Function: noun\ Etymology: Latin successus, from succedere\ Date: 1537

1 obsolete : outcome, result
2 a : degree or measure of succeeding b :favorable or desired outcome; also : the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence
3 : one that succeeds

I have said this before, but that famous shit, I can careless about. Can't fathom that once I get a crap load of money, some hoes and a hefty house then I would be considered successful. Well, that is what folks these days believe it is. To me, success is a state of mind. Now, don't get me wrong, everybody that I support, I hope they become successful in what they do/love. But myself on the other hand...ehh. I'm living that's all I need right now. Being "that chick" is not my intentions. I would rather be and stay the "underdog". It's nothing like being under estimated; people over look you, talk down to you or about you, you know...that kinda shit. Something I don't mind. While they do that, I'll continue to observe, stay positive and grow wise. I'm not pressed about being ridiculously rich like other people. Just wait, from the outcome of being the underdog will be a surprise from me to you. Something like a punch in the face. The face that folks will make because of it...will make me happy...and genuine happiness is my definition of success. Not that materialistic shit. That is all.


Dumb Dicks

the W.R.O.N.G. package

What does W.R.O.N.G. stand for you ask.?
Don't you like the sound of that? Exactly, Download the package here

And if you're keeping up with the Red Cup Chronicles, the mixtape drops July 1.

Off the Top

NEW SHIT FROM O-MACK called "Off the Top"
Video directed by DGlove



Do you like listening to Earl Mac and Key Wane?

Oh, you do? Well...download Macaroni like now-ish, which is also from the mixtape "Party Up" (coming soon) ,
you know you want some new shit.
download here


I wouldn't be surprised if they was all gay.
I literally laughed my ass off throughout the whole video
You can't tell me a group of dudes cheering each other on & swinging there slongs around isn't a tad bit gay...


Employee of the Month: June

The Employee of the Month


10 Mile

1. Fresh as FUCK.
2. Known Blogger
3. Cool ass guy (easy to get along with)
4. one word...REVIVE *click link*
5. follow him on twitter @10mile

Fun at Bob's

Bob's Classic Kicks had a prom for the kids of Detroit called, the Galaxy Gala prom..or something close to that. We,was...well...ehh...assisting? Okay, not really. But everyone still had fun.

Cupcakes and Ass'd out bums may summarize this video for you.

Good times, Good times...


Brain Leakage pt.1

Some shit been weighing on my mind. Like, the kind of shit that I constantly think about before I go to sleep. A lot of it, honestly, I shouldn't put as much energy in. It's doing nothing but mentally draining me until I say something about it.

Here we go...

1. So, I had the perfect opportunity to tell this young lad that I had a thing for him. LITERALLY. And just to clear some air full of rumors (which I will get to next) I don't fucking like everybody, I'm only crushed out on 3 guys. May seem like a lot to you, but I like to keep my options open. Anyhoo, I kinda despise myself for not saying anything. For one, it seem like he had "a lot" going on at the time. I stayed to myself, we cool...but I wasn't in his face the whole night. Probably because I'm conservative, I don't force myself onto guys. That's not my style. I think I'm going to end up telling his friend who I'm like, mad cool with. Don't Know when, besides...even if I did now, i'll be too late. Ehhh, shit be like that sometimes.

2. I need a job still, just thought I would throw that out there.

3. Last thing, I never thought that I would genuinely despise an individual...wait, add an "s" on individual. F.Y.I. I was ranting on twitter about this subject. I hate when guys go around bitchin about me. Then they turn around and throw salt on my name. Niggas we're whispering in naive ears saying that I use people, I like everyone and that I am mean as hell. They're obviously saying that out of spite. Which shows a great amount of weakness. I would've never thought neither of "those guys" would lash out like that. In such a bitch manner. Like I said before,

I don't condone child like antics from grown men, nor tolerate them. And it's funny because everybody that I'm cool with knows better than what they have been told. So the question is....why? What have you accomplished?

Welp, that's it for now. I was going to write about some other shit like problems with some chickies. But, this will do for now.

Your opinion is appreciated, Peace


"Feel Good" shit

Had a full day today. Hung out on my old block, visited some people & went to get some icecream. As of right now, I just finished watching the game with my bestfriend Malcolm.

What's fucked up about tonight is that the basic bitches across the street hit his car. But everything will go good in your favor BF. So what do I do after a productive day like this ? Welp, I sit back and vibe to some music. Tonight I'm mos def feeling some Tribe.

Bonita, Bonita, Bonita...

Tank Girl

My shit.
Twitter background and all


Summer Session

So, if you're in Detroit, appreciate music, REAL MUSIC, and want to see some entertaining entertainment.

Be at the Red Cup Summer Session
Info below

I hope to see you all there.

Glasses of the Sun

Super Sunglasses.
I would mos def buy these pretty mother fucks.
they come in other colors like ivory, red, "safari(?)" and black.

Detroit 187

You know when you see your city on television you're like,
"Hey...look at Detroit...there's Cobo Hall blah blah blah".
You seem some what happy when it's viewed in a positive way.
Welp, I felt the exact opposite when I seen this preview for "
Detroit 187".
Thanks ABC for exaggerating my city. Good Job.


Shine Blockas Freestyle

Peep this.
I don't have much of a background on dude, but it's nice
follow him on twitter also @Omack313

Lord & Taylor

NEW Say It Aint Tone, Earl Mac and Key Wane

Download Bouncin here

I like it, you should too.


First thing First.
I DON'T have a baby.
I just thought this shit was cold.
I'll buy some for myself, no bullshit.
Don't mind me, I'm living



Sheefy Mcfly Presents...The Air Up There:BATTLE OF THE BANDS
May 29,2010 (duh)
This post is coming straight from my notes that I rewrote the night after and the videos that will be included is from my homie Corey, who also have a blog http://sircoreythecorey.blogspot.com/.

So yesterday, I went to BCK's to attend the Air Up There and by far this was the BEST group of performances that I have seen at Bob's...which is also BCK's (Bob's Classic Kicks)

Some of Detroit's best groups came out lastnight to battle eachother such as Phresh Heir, Thesarus, CSF (Clear Soul Forces), Scene 3, Freshmen and TGL (Tru Great Lakes). There was a surprised guest...yup, we all know him, BREAKDANCE MAN...or just your friendly neighborhood fiend.

So let's get on to the Entertainment.
Random highlight of the night was the one man unplanned pre-show, Breakdance Man. He danced, beat-boxed and even rapped along side with Sheef (he's the host of the Air Up There every month). Nobody knew where he came from or how he got in without paying. Oh well, besides Breakdance Man being an unknown quantity of a person and demanding attention from Sheef and the crowd (did i mention we had a pinky swear;HAND SANITIZER) there was rounds of greatness. First Round was TGL vs. CSF, which was my second favorite round. By the crowd's opinion TGL won but there was an overtime called by CSF which led them to a victory. (CSF that is)
After that round there was a tie breaking round between Doc Waffles and Phenom. WHICH WAS FUCKIN HILARIOUS. For the last couple of Air Up There's Phenom and Waffles have been battling against each other. This was their final battle against each other. This was also Doc Waffles last performance at BCK's (sad face). The battle got too real and blueberry waffles was thrown onto the floor, niggas wasting food n' shit.lol. Anyhoo...DOC WON, which was something I predicted, then him and Sheef performed a song from "The Coolest Loser" mixtape. In other words something I need in my iTunes.
The second round was Thesarus vs. Phresh Heir. Real Shit, I was hot as crap so I only stayed to watch Thesarus perform then I took my ass outside for a few minutes. While I was outside I chilled with Jsun, Dev Holly and CSF. I even learned two new handshakes, one called "the Pancake" and another called "the Grenade". But that's irrelevant. Thesarus lost against Phresh Heir and that led to round three.
Okay, so this part of the show is a blur...so ima just throw some shit out there...Euro and Earlly Mac performed and Scene 3 went against Freshmen, Scene 3 won...umm...I told Emills that I was gonna quote him when he said, "More rappin ass rappin" because apparently there was some over competitiveness that made a lil bit of a diss. From who? I have no idea, but it was nothing serious.
The vote was up to the crowd for which two groups was going to perform in the final round. It was between CSF, Phresh Heir and Scene 3. The crowd voted for Phresh Heir and CSF. Now, this was the first time I have seen Phresh Heir perform and I DID NOT know they had a band "BAND"...like with guitars n' shit. I think that's rather awesome. If you're wondering which round was my favorite, it was definitely the final round. Anyhoo...

To make a long story short...My homies Clear Soul Forces won.
I got mad love for everyone who performed, I was pleased.
Mama was proud.


here go some vids thanx to Corey.






the Devil


It's Summer.
Okay, yea, you might see you favorite`celebrities wearing white leggings with whatever they want to wear blah blah blah. But in my opinion, if it's not white lace...the shit is tacky. Especially coming from where I'm from. People abuse fashion where shit isn't even fashionable anymore. Why the FUCK are you still wearing wearing plaid shorts and forces with WHITE LEGGINGS. Females even wear them when they know they have cellulite. Do you Understand that white leggings make you look wider that what you are? So with all that baby FAT and cellulite you look like a biscuit can ready to burst. Overall stick to BLACK leggings, if not slapbox with an asian tiger.

Fuze the MC

"...DC transplant and Atlanta native hiphop artist known as Fuze The Mc"

So, I stumbled upon this young lad on twitter (FuzeStreet), then watched his video on his website. AND I LOVED IT. Yea I support my Detroit Artist, but why not leave the state for some more dope shit? I'm glad I did. Hopefully, when I go to D.C. this summer, he'll be performing.

Check out his website here and download his mixtapes on the far right.

Everybody Loves The Sunshine

This song makes me happy for two reasons.

1. It was sampled from one of my favorite Roy Ayer songs.
2. The shit is a good look for Detroit and its something you can ride to.

Low key that was three reasons.

Download Detroit Summertime by @BoyBurner here

Quote It

"Elvis Presley ain't got no SOUL, Bo Diddley is rock and roll,You may dig on the Rolling Stones...But they ain't the first place the credit belongs"
-Mos Def, Rock and Roll

The Other Day pt.11

These guys never disappoint me.
Watch this shit and make sure you subscribe to @ADudeNamedJosh youtube page,JoshROC313.
And follow all the names you see pop up on the intro.

My Love for Sharpie

Permanent Marker Love