About PML


Allow myself to start off by asking the cliche question.

What is Permanent Marker Love?

Well, there isn't a valid reason for the title itself. I would hate to talk your head about it. But it do have some type of significance that I would rather not babble about. I just think it sounds really snazzy and cute.

Let's get things straight. This isn't a need for recognition or attention. I started this blog back in November of '09 to advertise a clothing line that myself and a couple of friends are developing as we speak. Along with advertisement, I would just write about some random shit that's going on in my life or things that would interest me. Currently since I have been in school I have taken my blog a tad bit more serious because I believe that this will be a warm up for a possible career in journalism. Everything you read before you is what interest me.

I don't follow hype. I blog whatever I feel and sometimes the text might be raunchy but I don't care. And if you're are looking for a bunch of pictures with fancy captions this is the wrong blog to click. It's more so of me supporting my people. Right now Detroit has plenty to offer when it comes to music, fashion, and many forms of art. I love to see my peeps reach out and grab their dreams. If anything,doing something positive within our community. I feel that the country...shit...the WORLD should see what I see and hear what I hear every other day. But my writing doesn't stop there. I am open to all kind of music from every where else besides Michigan. So you might come upon some other awesome music.

Hopefully you will enjoy this blog as much as I love producing posts and what not.