Brain Leakage pt.5

Let's be honest. We have all had to deal with some sort of confrontation. Whether we are being confronted or is confronting someone else. Either way, it's just something we all have to deal with in life.

a : a face-to-face meeting b : the clashing of forces or ideas.

Confrontation is something that everybody can't deal with. Trust me, I should know. I have witnessed unacceptable ignorance that has been said about me and my friends, but no one had the balls to tell us. It makes no since where your friend (or a random being) has to tell you what somebody posted to the public without it being directed to you. In a proper and adult manner. Of course it's that "I don't care what people has to say blah blah blah" saying. Which is true, why care? Which I don't. But, I don't like that people can't just cough up the hidden animosity. C'mon now people. This isn't junior high school. We are all young adults here, why not act like it and handle things maturely. If not, that's how people get their face cleared. That statement wasn't mature, but, it's what normally happens. When confronting a person it does not have to be negative. It's all in the body language, tone of voice and if you're genuine. Opposed to just trying to piss someone off. Which brings me to say this. DON'T SPEAK TO ME IF IT'S NOT GENUINE. If you don't like me, don't tell me anything that is forced or fake. That's being child like, you can easily tell what is sincere. If you can't, you're mad gullible. Which is bad, you can still recover from it though. Anyway, that is all I have to say about "confrontation". Keep it positive...or not. Whatever floats your boat.



"Who want it?"

A 19 year old artist working on his third mixtape...and I am just now hearing about him (shakes head). I first seen him perform at The Red Cup Summer Session and what I witnessed was rather, entertaining, in a food way of course. Anyway, you will see JFin on my blog a lot, therefore, download the songs from his bandcamp. Also...look out for his mixtape "Infinivision" that drops August 27th. Obviously (because it's in the bottom right corner).

Follow him on twitter too, @FinIsKing

Capcom vs Tekken

First Off

Yes, I am a chickie who enjoy playing video games. So, it only make it right for me to blog about freakin Capcom vs. Tekken. FOR THE MUTHA FUCKIN WIN. I like anything that is Capcom vs. whatever. But this...this trailer alone tickled my fancy. Licked it also (giggles). Now, according to Capcom company person man thing, the game was discussed upon like a year ago. Therefore us, the eager gamers, will have to wait "for a while". Until then Enjoy Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I know I will.

Just a reminder, it will be released for both the Playstation 3 and XBox.
I own the PS3 *giggles...some more*.

With all do Respect...

NEW SHIT from the homie from D.C.
Enjoy ♥


Detroit One

I fuck with the both the video and the song.

His name is "@NickVarcity" who is an upcoming Detroit (from 60 degrees entertainment) and the person who shot the video is @ADudeNamedJosh, literally. If you don't recognize his name then maybe you should look at "The Other Day" videos which I have posted already.

By the way, it's a Wu-Tang beat (an industry track; whatever that mean)
And Nick's project will be produced by @SixOtheProducer.

Look out for that.


Marvel vs. Capcom

I will forever love and whoop ass in this game.
Yeah, I play video games, so what?


2 great downloads from 1 post

I'm Bringing you all two downloads that I'm sure you would enjoy. If you don't download'em I would have to...you know...gut you with a butter knife or something.

The first download is from Thesaurus it is called "Away". Download here.

The second download is from Room500 (P.Floyd) and this is his version of Chuck Good's "Red Cup Chronicles" (Chapter 500). Download here.


Pretty much everybody that I associate with know that I am not the biggest fan of Nicki Minaj. I barely listen to her, but, this video itself made me like the song "Your Love".

I peeped out the actor from "Black Dynamite" Michael Jai White in this "ninja in-training" themed video. I mean, I can't knock the video because Nicki is in it. It's fucking cute. Too bad that BITCH had to kill her.

Inner City Skateboards

I'm going to just through this out in the air so people will understand.

Yes, there are black folks that skateboard in Detroit.

Sadly, many of my own kind find that hard to believe. Personally, I love it. And what's great about it, is that now and days skateboarders do not have to travel out of the city to buy boards, apparel and other accessories. I mean if you still want to make that trip to Dearborn, Royal Oak blah blah blah go ahead, waste your time. But, from the minds of Delon Robinson and Daniel Stroud they have developed "Inner-City Skateboards" back in 2009. They are both entrepreneurs and enthusiast withing the skating community. Because of this idea turned reality skaters from within Detroit will have a better and convenient retail-like establishment to order from. Which will also catch the attention from outsiders.

If you would either want to browse or buy some of the product you see above you can order it from innercityskateboards (yes, that is a link to the site)

Also, I suggest you follow them both on twitter:

Delon - @uknowDDiddy


"This that shit we fuck yo' bitch to"

Excuse the Profanity in the Title.

Red Cup Chronicles
The shit I have been waiting for from my Main Squeeze.
Release date was July 16th.
I know I'm late, but download here if you haven't already.

We'll be late together.


Feel Good

I was going through my iTunes and I came across this song.
Then I remembered the video along with it.
Both of them touched my sensitive spot, not my vag, pervs.
I tend to tear up listening/ watching this.
Anyway, I love everything about it.

Question, we know where Kanye is, but where the fuck is Adam Levine?
His voice is beautiful.

Welp, enjoy.
Heard'em Say - Kanye West feat. Adam Levine
from (my favorite Kanye album) Late Registration

The 5 minute Rampage pt.1

This little segment is called the 5 minute rampage. I will time myself and will not go back over on my writing for anything. I will tweet all of my followers for a topic so it won't be completely random. Random ass blog post, yes, but it's something new that my brain decided to vomit.

So, here goes nothing
Topic: why are females so difficult??
Follower: PokerfACeROB

9:20 p.m. Saturday July 17, 2010

I believe that some chickies are difficult because they have been hurt some point in life. Not just dealing with relationships but something family, business related etc. Along with being hurt a lot of bitterness probably have build up within their body which cause them to maybe lash out to the opposite sex. On the other hand, a lot of guys will never understand the pain of a female or will care to understand. That whole "nobody is perfect" cliche is the truth. If we, the ladies are being so difficult maybe you guys can lean to cope or comprise with us. Everybody is picky and everbody has their attitudes but that should'nt be indicated as being difficult.

9:24 p.m.

I wanted to type more, I just pooped out the first thing that came to mind

11:19 p.m.

I had to come back to the post because even though I said somewhat of why females are difficult. I didn't really justify my own answer or bring anything together. In my opinion guys call females difficult because sometimes chickies are undecided between whom they would want to be with. Also if they can't decide quick enough for the guy then he calls the girl difficult. I have been called difficult plenty of times for that exact reason. And I mean, I have been hurt where I am confused if I want to move on to some one else or not. So I guess that kinda sorta mesh in with what I have said up above at like 9:20 blah blah blah.

Bre'Ann the Great

So Remember that one picture of myself and the hot dude standing in the forest. With that story caption thing? If you don't here's the link to that particular post KAPOW. That link also includes the photographers facebook link.

Now, I'm a chick of my word when I said "more pics coming soon" therefore here are the pictures that were "coming soon".

Recently I she has taken some pictures just for my blog. Including my awesome new header and another picture that I will include in my side bar. "Do she have anything I can contact", I know that's what you all are thinking. Online Business card below.



This might be the rough version and what not, but it's still dope.
Besides my dude Buzz is goin' on this shit, it's to the beat of one of my favorite songs. (Say Goodbye to Love by Kenna)...If you don't know who he is, bathe in knives.


If you want the song for yourself, which you do, download from his bandcamp here. Then, follow him @BuzzBurrus...simple as that.


Big Sean- Bullshittin VIDEO *censored*

I'm kinda upset that it's clean. I know I'm not the only one who hates great songs that SHOULD NOT be censored. That's probably the only thing that bothers me. I do understand that the original version CANNOT be played on daytime television/radio. But I have been waiting on this for a while, I honestly thought that it was going to turn out to be some what of a different theme. It's cool though, I enjoyed it. The video itself is animated and comical.

Shout out to my bestfriend, Diante, who directed this video to my attention via twitter
follow him on twitter @DopeDoobies and peep his blog DopeIsHealthy

Won't Get Home

Listen and download my homie @DevHolly's DEBUT single "Won't Get Home" that features and is also produced by Key Wane.


download here

Sponser Spoof

C'mon now. It's bad enough that females now and days are dependent on a guy more than the love of their family. Which is stupid. Just because you think your puss is golden doesn't mean his money won't fade away. Lust doesn't last.

I applaud Keys for making this song.
The original video was a joke.


D-Town Shheeeeiiitttt

No exaggeration.
I have been anticipating this song for quite a while. The song is entitled "D-town" fitted by a group called "Thesaurus". Which is made up of B-Nix, Phil the Phenom, J.Woods & Classick. They're pretty cool guys that knows how to give a hell of a performance. Seriously. But look, this is what you should do. And before you say, "Imani is always tryin to make me download something", get this straight blog reader...

Yes, I'm persuading you to listen and download their song.
Therefore...DO THAT SHIT.
You WON'T be disappointed.

download here

Freshman Honor Roll

The shit is nice. A good variation of young Detroit on a mixtape, yeah, that's a dope idea. I really really...REALLY believe that you all should click the little download link that I am about to provide like...NOW
download here

Employee of the Month: July

The Employee of the Month


Jassmyn Folkes

1. Extremely intuitive
2. "Its the best or nothing when it comes to my nature."
4. If she don't believe in anything, she believes in Karma.
5. Follow her on twitter @Abstract_Bliss

Brain Leakage pt.4

The word "pride" alone raise eyebrows. Yeah, it's considered one of the 7 deadly sins but besides that it's something that people have to deal with in life. Especially with decisions.

1 : the quality or state of being proud: as a :inordinate self-esteem b : a reasonable or justifiable self-respect c : delight or elation arising from some act, possession, or relationship
2 : proud or disdainful behavior or treatment
3 a : ostentatious display b : highest pitch
4 : a source of pride : the best in a group or class
5 : a company of lions
6 : a showy or impressive group

I believe that there are 2 types of pride. There is the "I am proud of what I have become/what I'm doing" then there's the "Ima complete douche dat won't admit to nothin cuz it will fuq up my rep". All in all, there is good and bad pride. It's always good when you are defending something that you are proud of. Or just having that much confidence in what ever you do. Now, plenty of people let the pride get to their heads. What they don't know is that pride can get you killed. Like, if you know that you have done wrong...admit it. Don't try to justify your defiance. That's just dumb. People beat around the bush instead of being honest with the person, but more than anything...themselves. Personally, that will get you fucked up. Drop the pride, grow a dick and admit that you are in the wrong. It will make you feel better as a person.




I thought this was hilarious
especially about the "Vuvuzela".

Watch it and subscribe, besides...he has pretty teeth.
Also, follow him on twitter @TGIFlamez


Quote It

"...your body is not a temple, it's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride"
-Anthony Bourdain

Live from the Filmore...Bei Maejor

My homie Buzz sent me this video
so I can watch it and blog it.
The performer goes by the name of @Bei Maejor
and from my understanding, this was his first performance.
Show this dude some love and enjoy the video.

Also, footage was shot by Dante Marshall

Lego House

Remember when you was younger and you would create random shit with the small colorful blocks of plastic. Or what is known world wide as Legos. Well, a guy by the name of James May have 4 years olds beat with his creation of a Lego House out in England.
Complete with a working bathroom, kitchen, bedroom...blah blah blah. All that good stuff.
Sad to say, nobody wanted to buy this house that took like, 1000 workers to work on. Equipped with lego slippers and lego bread baskets the house was later on demolished. Yup, millions of dollars were knocked down...welp, at least it makes a pretty picture.

Thumbs up to the people that still have imaginations.
And bring them to life.



All good things come to a close...but wait, there will be a season two, coming soon...like Fall-ish.




They call'em...Fresh

Born and raised in Detroit, now he is a Chicago native. Why in Chicago you ask? This guy is following & pursuing his dreams. Fresh is a fashion designer and an artist who very productive within Artist Village Detroit (that is where he held his own fashion show, that fed the homeless). He was also an apprentice to a well known muralist that goes by the name of Chazz Miller (go ahead, look him up). Fresh is like, extra cool, laid back kinda guy, from what I know. His artwork is crazy awesome and he is coming out with a fashion line later on in the fall, that is ONLY going to be sold in Detroit. C'mon now, how great is that(Detroit Lovin'). Of course Fresh got some homies to help'em out. Shout out to Jsun, Scootie and Chazz. All n' all...look out for this dude he's making major moves.

Peeps the pics below too.

He even made me some art, including this piece above.
Check him out on facebook, Fresh to Def

Room 500 Fam

(From the left)
and Myself
(The chickie on the far right is my sis Lexxus, she's not a part of it but she's still cool)

These are the folks I can call family. Yes, there is a such thing as a family full of peeps dipped in awesome sauce. I am also glad to be a part of Room 500. It's something about a 5 and two 0's that tickles my fancy. Anyhoo, this was pretty much just a quick shout out. They all deserve it.

"Room 500 if you wonder where yo' hoes at"
Keep it 500, peace.


And no I am not talking about the chips

This is a mixtape full of various artist from my city.
Here goes the line up.

1. Aviators-Detroit Anthem
2. Stro Montana-Astro Baby
3. Ayrik D-I Want The Money
4. Nino Staxx-Getcha Bread Right
5. Paul The Beat Smith Speaks
6. LoFat Ft. Gucci Mane-Ching Ching
7. Stro Montana Ft. Dusty McFly-Show Off
8. Phil The Phenomenon Ft. ADot-The Toast (My Nigga Phil)
9. L.N.L.-Living That Life
10. Gene P-What You Want From Me
11. Big Gov Ft. Pinky XXX-Go Broke (YES...Pinky)
12. Stretch Money-Back On
13. Cooperachy-Michigan
14. Stretch Money-Jungle
15. Lil Bro-Im In It To Win It
16. P Money Bags-Balleritis
17. Xplicit Lyric-Nice Wit It

Download here and enjoy