Why is society so lazy.
This shit is ridiculous. It's nothing cute about it.
It's almost as bad as jean leggings.

"Whoopish, Whoopish"...as he would say

Despite of my lack of blogging it is STILL Download December you all!

I know you all peeped his videos and what not.
Now Nolan's put forth some music from an upcoming project entitled Ninja Town.

Download Ninja Kick riiigggggghhhhhhtttttt here.


When I'm down I watch this.

All. The. Time.



I mean, despite of all of the profanity...he wasn't lying.

12 Day Classic Re-Cap!

Just in case you missed some tracks from CMC...
Here's a lil' re-cap and then some.
( Click on the titles to download the songs)

1. Thesaurus - Starting Line Up

2. EvryDay Jay - Right Above It

3. Richy Marciano - Jasmine

4. EvryDay Jay & Richy Marciano - Money, Money, Money

5. DevHolly - Damn Shid

6. Thesaurus - Party Peeple

7. Richy Marciano - Radio *new*

8. Richy Marciano - Toot It N' Boot It *new*

4 more days, until it's over...sad face.

There will be a final recap possibly Friday or Christmas Day.
Depending on how busy I am.


Almost half way there!

On the 5th fifth day of Christmas blah blah blah blah...

Oh yeah. Today is his day people. Haven't heard from him in a minute.
So this is pretty awesome.

Well then. Let's and download some shit shall we.

Damn Shid - DevHolly
download here

"You're a Beautiful Mess"...

One of my FAVORITE artist EVER!

I haven't seen her in concert in forever but her voice is so beautiful.
She has most definitely under rated.
And this song has been in my head, for like a week, for numerous reasons.

Earn My Affections Live By Amel Larrieux


I'm fuckin' up

I missed yesterday's 12 Day Classic because of work.
Then by the time I walked in I was tired as shit so I didn't rape my blog.
I have both yesterday's and today's song...
Thanks to great resources (the artist themselves).

Jasmine by Richy Marciano.
Before I provide the music and download let's all welcome Richy to my blog. I fucks with this guy's music. *Waves frantically* "Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Richhhhhhhhyyyyyyy*
download here

The next track is entitled Money, Money, Money.
From both Richy and EvryDay Jay
download here

Do you feel complete?
You shouldn't, CMC has 8 more days of great shit for you all.

Cold Shit

Had another photo shoot with the homie Donavan (@DGlove_)
This is like my third time working with him and it has been a delight.
If you enjoy his work follow him and peep out his tumblr. *click click*


I've decided to declare this month as "Download December"

There is SO much new music that is being released from Michigan artist (and folks from out of state) to the point that my blog looks like Datpiff or some shit. Now, it might seem redundant; Seeing multiple downloads, BUT, it's something you would need to equip for the sake of your iTunes.

"Now back to your regular programming"

Viscous. Ass. Photo. (BTW)

P.Floyd's (from Room500) released a track to twitter two days ago.
And now I am introducing it to you...
It's entitled Jaws
Listen. Download. Enjoy


The saga continues...

...And the second day of the 12 Day Classic commences
with a track by a fellow named Evryday Jay.
My Nigga...(lol)

Right Above It!!!
Take A listen, Snatch A download

No, really, the song is entitled Right Above It.


This is going on for twelve days.
New CMC music EVERYDAY until the 24th.


12Day Classic

No, this is not Christmas related.

I just had to announce that.

Anyway, 12 days of music from a shitload of CMC Artist.
Many of you may heard of them, seen'em on my blog...
(Thesaurus, EVRYDAY J, Dev Holly...just to name a few)

After 6 days I'll do a recap on the songs that have dropped
then the final day, I believe that'll be the 24th, I'll have all the songs listed for you to download if you have missed any.

So clear some space in your bullshit iTunes for some ear sex.

Starting Line Up; Thesaurus feat. Evryday Jay

download here

LET'S GO!!!!

The Hybrid

Kortez put me up on Danny Brown a couple of months ago.

Funny voice, but he's raw...as fuck.


You know that post I wrote a while back?
The one where I was leaking my heart out and what not...

Yeah, Ignore that.
We made up.

I'm pretty sure we're going to argue again.lol



E.M.L.E. Questions PT. 6

Sorry You Guys...

I've been neglecting my main bitch.

My blog.

I've been working a lot and haven't been able to cater to it.
With Tumblr, all you have to do is reblog shit, and post your own, of course.
But with my lovely AOmarkerlove it's more hearty. Legit. All that good stuff.
So it takes a tad bit more time to get everything together.

A chickie be tired, but I won't give up on you all. :)

Just keep a look out. It's much appreciated!

We Good, bruh

I'm pretty sure you all know who JRoc is.
He's from the group Clear Soul Forces and he was November's "Employee of the Month".

Now peep this. Jroc has a lil' solo song out.
Pretty cool, I know...peep it out below.

download it here


I stole this from my tumblr. I wrote this earlier in the day.
First time (no really) pouring out my so called heart.

I hate feeling vulnerable.

...And being heavy hearted.

I shouldn't allow this shit to break me like it's doing. It's not in my character. I mean, relationship wise, after I'm hurt, I am bitter for the moment and then I move on. I've never been stuck in stone with a stormy cloud above my head.C'mon now, I've been moping in a sloth like manner since yesterday evening. THE FUCK? That shit ain't cool.

People are like, "Imani, be strong; Imani you'll find better; you deserve better". Okay, Maybe. Easier said than done.

When you've been with someone for a long period of time. You become comfortable with them. Not, "I can wear my sweatpants around him" comfortable ,but, "I wouldn't feel right without him" comfortable. it's hard to detach from'em. It's not an over night kind of thing. maybe for him, but not for me.

ARGH. Fuck this.

I'm not going to babble about what love is. Who knows. Everybody has their own perspective.

It's bad enough that I'm writing about this shit, I'm done. Peace.

There he goes again.

I wasn't able to see the homie, Nolan (The Ninja) perform at last months Air Up There and I'm sure those who don't live in Michigan haven't either. So, here's another video from him.

coming soon



Something I LOVE

California Dreams

New track from our very own Chuck Good and Helios Hassain entitled California Dreams.

Like it? Download it here.

and for the record.
This Helious Hassain's debute to my blog.
So show him some love and download "The Eighties Mixtape".



Tru Great Laker's very own Q released "Engine #9" sometime yesterday evening.

Download Engine #9 here from his bandcamp.
You'll love it!

Quote It

"What we do really affects the world. Most of us think we can't do anything, but it really isn't true."
-Yoko Ono

I thought this was funny

Same guy I caught plagiarizing a while back.
It's cool though. I guess because he paraphrased it.



Yes! The homie JFin finally drops Infinivision.
Paid Programming was just an appetizer...
Download the main course here




December 16, 2010
Fillmore Theatre
2115 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI.

with performances from SAYITAINTTONE, JSun and others.

I'm selling tickets and you all know how to contact me.
If not, click the contact tab and message me.
Tickets are 25 and VIP's are being sold at Revive!



I was so gonna add "bitch" to the end of the title.

I missed the Party Up shin ding at The Shelter,
but, I didn't miss the mixtape.
Download Earl Mac's Party Up Mixtape here

Aye, Fuck Faces


I told myself that I wasn't going to start a tumblr simply because...
  1. I have a blog, a pretty good one at that.
  2. I felt like it was nothing but a picture book.
After a while...like, a long fucking time, I have came to a conclusion...
"Maybe this will be a good opportunity to have to similar but yet very distinct blogs."
Which is what I am doing. Nothing is going to be subtracted from my Blogger, you'll just see more so of a more animated me. I guess, if that makes sense. Anyway, here's my tumblr

The link is the heart :)


Untitled Fact

E.M.L.E. Questions

To make sure you all aren't lost. This is the 4th episode of the E.M.L.E Ques.
So at the end of every week there will be a new episode.
And if for some reason you don't like youtube (?) I'll have the videos posted here.
On the left are some details I stole from their youtube channel.

This game is only for those who are 18+ years old

Rule 1: Don't spoil the game for anyone else.

Rule 2: Be yourself.

Rule 3: Link us to your response videos.

If you want to make any comments, send any ideas...what ever contact them.
@JOHNxDOPE or @MykeisDope

You all will see me answer questions about bald puss and dumb niggas soon.


Robin: Excuse me, Miss. I didn't catch your name.
Jamika: I didn't throw it.

Allow myself to clear things up

I see people get so upset when it comes to two in particular artist.

Lil B "The Based God"
Kanye West

One of them is a gay rapper and the other is an arrogant Illuminati native. Blah blah blah BULLSHIT. Whether you want to admit it or not. They are both pretty powerful. Of course not godly kind or power, but, they're always on everyone's mind. Personally, I enjoy listening to both of their music. Are you judging me? Cool, I guess. Anyway, the shit that you fear so much (Illuminati) and the shit that you complain about ("pretty bitch") is STILL making them mulah. That lil' buzz that you all negatively exploit is giving them more attention. I mean, yeah we have our opinions, everybody does. Like, I'm not a big fan of N. Minaj because of what she's portraying to our youth on television and I simply can't fuck with her music, but, you don't see me writing hate mail on under her youtube videos. Or constantly speaking of her. Like, these folks are pro-marketers. Which is something I can respect. You love to hate them. Face it.

Add2 - Dream Girl

Makes you wanna go "Aww".
F.Y.I. fellas, it's nothing wrong with being a sweetheart.

my first promo video

Employee of the Month: November

The Employee of the month


(of Clear Soul Forces)

He's one-forth of CSF. Other than making music JRoc's also apart of his college's undefeated basketball team and is a father to a beautiful baby boy. If you're not familiar with his groups music I suggest you check out their bandcamp; clearsoulforces.bandcamp.com. Also, follow him and the group @Dougy41, @ClearSoulForces.

I'm not getting you a midget baby giraffe as a late birthday present



I'm pretty sure we've all seen this video.
Lauryn Hill; Age 13; Apollo Theatre; 1987

They boo'd the shit out of her. Bold as hell, it was Amature Night and she was only 13. It's not like she was a grown as women. But she kept her composure like one. Didn't even let that shit get to her. A couple of years after that, she's a third of The Fugees, then went solo and became a household name.

Why did I take the timeout to make a post based around this video?
I don't know, It popped up in my head.

Throwin' Up Thoughts

-Why do I attract guys with babies, grown men and lesbians?

Do I look like i want to be involved in a love "square"? Him, his child, the babymoms and myself? I think not. I have to much to deal with, I mean, I guess I can do the step mom thing when I get older. But as of right now, I don't even want to think about kids. They stink.
Secondly, I get this line A LOT;

Him: "How old is you?" (yeah, they say 'is' instead of 'are')
Me: "Umm, I am about to be 19"
Him: "You lyin'!!!, I swear I thought you was about 12 or 13"
Me: "Nahh, I get that a lot though"
Him: "So I mean, can I get yo' number?" (perverted grin)
Me: "Naw, bruh...you good" (o__O)

I would always think to myself like damn, more and more grown men are attracted to younger looking girls. Now, if I was some young skeezer ass hoe, didn't tell him my age but accepted his number and let shit deeper than what it should be *hint hint*. He's liable to go to prison. And because PERV NIGGAS out here obviously don't care enough to reevaluate they're way of thinking, then guess what? That perv nigga could possible be penetrating your younger cousin on top of the Polly Pocket make-up kit you bought her for her 13th birthday. Don't get me wrong, but it's also the girl's fault for being a baby whore. Either way, it's disgusting.

Lastly, I don't even know how to explain why lesbians are attracted to me. I honestly don't know how to feel about that sometimes. I just let'em know that I'm not down with the puss. I have lesbian friends, who are so cool. I also have a play girlfriend and wife. What if that's the case? Whatever, I don't know. But it's not for me on some serious dating kind of shit.

Ambiguous Girl

Am I the only one that was thinking to myself like, "Fuckin Finally"?.
Big Sean
Mike Posner
and Clinton Sparks
"Ambiguous Girl" (which is on Finally Famous Vol. 3)

Real Life Super Mario Bros.

I KNOW you all remember this movie!!
If not, your childhood was crappy.


Here I Go

He's making a debut on my blog, woot woot.
He goes by the name of @JScriptz.
Check out what the fuck he has to offer!!!

Get. Naked.

This is possibly the most delicious and nutritious liquid known to man.
Besides [ inserts inappropriate statement ].

Unexpected Win

You might recognize @Denire's voice voice from many of his hilarious youtube videos.
Or you might not...loser.

Anyway, If you haven't already guessed it.
He also does music. CHECK THAT SHIT OUT, below

download this and some other music from his bandcamp, Denire1 .

Feed the Homeless Fashion Show

November 23rd, 2010
The 3rd Annual
Fall Into Winter Feed The Homeless Fashion Show.
At The Artist Village Detroit (17340 Lasher).
Doors Open at 7 and show starts at 7:30.
Designers include: Freshman, Rinaco and Gods Label.
There will also be designs displayed from Culture Couture and Styles from Mrs. Victoria.
There will also be performances from JSun,
Keely, Juan Got Bars, Freeze and Chavis Chandler.

All you have to do is bring some food to donate.
Yup, no such thing as a cash entry here. We're feeding the homeless, Duh.
Don't bring anything you know won't eat on Thanksgiving.
Think of it, as if, you're feeding a house full of grandmas or something.

Luckily, I was able to Speak with the folks that are in charge.
They go by the name of "Anarchy", They're pretty cool.

Can't wait to see you all there!



Dom - Locals Only

Okay, so, I've already fallen in love with Dom Kennedy months ago. But now, I just might propose to him whenever I get the chance. Kidding of course


I only say that because the first couple of seconds is some of my favorite French speaking ladies singing, Les Nubians. The song is entitled "Demain" from the album Princesses Nubbienes. I believe it was released back in 98', I was fucking tiny when I first heard it. The sound brings back so much memories. Enough of me reminiscing, Check out the video.


Baby Makers

I don't understand why females tend to do that. But when I begin to think, it's just like how people talk shit over the internet. They feel like there isn't gonna be much of a consequence. It's like saying, "Hey, I'm pregnant, I'm carrying another person, if you hit me...you're a murderer...therefore, I'm gonna talk that shit. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". Bitch...

Now, Of course I'm not encouraging pregnant fighting or abuse. But everybody doesn't have the same tolerance. Some people might not give a fuck. Some folks might punch the shit out of you're stomach with no remorse.

I think it's stupid.

You're about to be a mother, act like it.

I'm so late...

I've actually seen this video a couple of days ago...like, Saturday-ey.
So what am I doing, listening to the rest of their music as we speak.

The Knux - Fire (Put It In The Air)


Quote It

"Got a mind. That lends me strength, so I ain't afraid to stand.
Got a love, so deep in me. Can't be stopped by any man."

-Amel Larrieux; "All I Got"



I was wondering when I was going to hear some new shit from the Jealous Guys.
My wishes has been granted.

Enjoy "First Sight" from the "Love" Mixtape


I would love if everyone take the time out to listen to this.
It's exactly 4:00 a.m.
I'm up Brainstorming.
I've also been up for over 5hours listening to my iTunes library.

And one of my favorite Intros came on.
It's from Mos Def's "Black On Both Sides" album.
It is entitled "Fear Not Of Man".
(I don't know If you haven't noticed, but I LOVE that album in it's entirety)

This song always makes me just wonder. You Know...
That whole "What If..." kind of question.
But, whatever. It is now 4:08 a.m.

(I'm still not sleepy though)

Oh, and don't be alarmed because of the first 2 seconds of the intro, it's a prayer.


Saggy Tits

Just a lil' scene from one of my favorite movies;
Zak and Miri Makes a Porno


I love the ugly thing


Hey, friendly zoos out there.

I hate you.

People that wonder off in the water even when they're told sharks live there.

I hate you all too.

See, because we are human beings we believe that mammals and other animals are meaningless compared to us. Unless they're pets or some sort of entertainment.

Imagine yourself being kidnapped from your warm, loving home, shipped overseas, and then caged for the publics entertainment while only having a third of what you used to feed yourself. Run-on sentence, SO. sounds something like slavery, huh? I know. Who are we to watch animals be animals in an artificial habitat and call it fun. Americans are so inconsiderate. That lion that you enjoy observing so much has a heart, a brain, limbs and (had) a life of its own just like you. That shit is depressing. Oh, but wait there's more. Fuck faces want to get upset when they get attacked by an animal. And because of that the animal MUST be put to "sleep". Which is BULLSHIT. Utter bullshit. He/She is already pissed off about being imprisoned, why would you dare pursue it? I'll be the type of chick that will let all the animals free while I watch the chaotic people run in fear from a top of a tree. *plots on Detroit Zoo*

Oh, and to all the people that enjoys a tad bit of nature opposed to it as a whole. Well, what I'm trying to say. To the mother fucks that goes swimming in the ocean and becomes scared when Jaws come out of know where and gnaws there limbs apart. Like bro, do you not realize that you are invading their habitat. If you wondered off into my living room I'll reach from under my mattress and will butcher you. That's not even logical. You're prone to get attacked. Who's not territorial? Sharks does not deserve to be hunted just like every other animal.

Oh, you like to wrestle alligators and party with anacondas?
Accept the fact that it's a strong chance that your life will end.
Do I have to mention Steve Irwin? You know, the "Crikey" guy? He was stupid

With that being said, lets respect what Mother Nature has put forth. We are no different that the different species out here. Whether it's your pet, an insect, or outside animals. We all belong here together.




Finally got my hat
Detroit Bombers


BCK's 6th Anniversary

October 30th was Bob's Classic Kicks 6th Anniversary. Was it live? FUCK YES. There was some technical difficulties with the computers but the show went on regardless. Many NEW artist (well folks that was new to me) performed such as Stereo Boyz, Nic Cotton, Big Soji, Lady Icewood and Ive League Crew.
Now of course there was the Battle of the Bands which was delayed but was cool. Out of all the crews that performed (Room500, Clear Soul Forces, Freshmen and Tru Great Lakers) TGL won. There was also sneaker raffles and a battle at the end of the show. Last but not Pac Div performed a couple of their songs such as "Pac Div" and "Shine" and others. Cool folks by the way.

Now I'm pretty sure you all would like some visuals, enjoy.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

I was also able to have the pleasure of interviewing Like from Pac Div.
Note: This is a paraphrased interview
because it was spur of the moment and I don't have a recorder...so bare with me.lol.
Besides I only asked him like, five questions.

Me: Do you enjoy being in Detroit?
Like (Pac Div): When I'm in Detroit I've always felt like I've been home. I respected J.Dilla. (He said something about Beat Tapes, damn my memory). Royce, Eminem, I'm pro Detroit. Felt like my soul was here.

Me: How was the Air Up There, here, at Bob's?
Like (Pac Div): It was live, I didn't know what to expect.

Me: Random ass question...What kind of ice cream do you like?
Like (Pac Div): I like cookies and cream, but I also enjoy butter pecan.
Me: Mixed?
Like (Pac Div): Naw, if I had an ice cream cone or a bowl, I would have a scoop of each.

Me: Whenever you're here in Detroit are there any places that you've been to before that became a favorite whether its a restaurant, hotel or...? (BTW.I wasn't trying to be a creepo people.lol)
Like (Pac Div): I haven't be everywhere in Detroit to fully answer that question. We're always in the studio working on music, then sleep.

Me: I KNOW that you all have a new project, so do we have anything to look forward to?
Like (Pac Div): Look out for something in November, entitled "Mania!"...Don't forget to add the explanation point.

I introduced him to Coney Island.
He loved it.


Trade V: Knockin'

You like the song? I know, download here

Party Up

Look out for "Earlly Mac's"Party Up coming November 25.
and while you await that
peep out Earl in Action below

Enjoy ♥

Monster Freestyle

I KNOW you all heard Kanye's Monster Track, right?
Well the homie @DevHolly slaughtered it.
Thumbs up!


follow the photographer


B.C.K. 6th Anniversary

I know you all are still waiting on the post from the Air Up There Anniversary, but don't worry that's on the to-do list no matter how late it is...Anyway...
You see the four guys up above?
Okay, there is Sheefy (of course, it wouldn't be right without him).
And yes, you have guessed correctly...That is indeed Pac Div.
This Air Up There will be a tad bit more pricey than usual, but it's worth it.
For 15 bucks you will witness some dope performances, The Battle of the Bands, Pac Div and a Sneaker Battle. Doors open at 9, show starts at 10 and everything dies down at 2.