Allow myself to clear things up

I see people get so upset when it comes to two in particular artist.

Lil B "The Based God"
Kanye West

One of them is a gay rapper and the other is an arrogant Illuminati native. Blah blah blah BULLSHIT. Whether you want to admit it or not. They are both pretty powerful. Of course not godly kind or power, but, they're always on everyone's mind. Personally, I enjoy listening to both of their music. Are you judging me? Cool, I guess. Anyway, the shit that you fear so much (Illuminati) and the shit that you complain about ("pretty bitch") is STILL making them mulah. That lil' buzz that you all negatively exploit is giving them more attention. I mean, yeah we have our opinions, everybody does. Like, I'm not a big fan of N. Minaj because of what she's portraying to our youth on television and I simply can't fuck with her music, but, you don't see me writing hate mail on under her youtube videos. Or constantly speaking of her. Like, these folks are pro-marketers. Which is something I can respect. You love to hate them. Face it.

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