Hey, friendly zoos out there.

I hate you.

People that wonder off in the water even when they're told sharks live there.

I hate you all too.

See, because we are human beings we believe that mammals and other animals are meaningless compared to us. Unless they're pets or some sort of entertainment.

Imagine yourself being kidnapped from your warm, loving home, shipped overseas, and then caged for the publics entertainment while only having a third of what you used to feed yourself. Run-on sentence, SO. sounds something like slavery, huh? I know. Who are we to watch animals be animals in an artificial habitat and call it fun. Americans are so inconsiderate. That lion that you enjoy observing so much has a heart, a brain, limbs and (had) a life of its own just like you. That shit is depressing. Oh, but wait there's more. Fuck faces want to get upset when they get attacked by an animal. And because of that the animal MUST be put to "sleep". Which is BULLSHIT. Utter bullshit. He/She is already pissed off about being imprisoned, why would you dare pursue it? I'll be the type of chick that will let all the animals free while I watch the chaotic people run in fear from a top of a tree. *plots on Detroit Zoo*

Oh, and to all the people that enjoys a tad bit of nature opposed to it as a whole. Well, what I'm trying to say. To the mother fucks that goes swimming in the ocean and becomes scared when Jaws come out of know where and gnaws there limbs apart. Like bro, do you not realize that you are invading their habitat. If you wondered off into my living room I'll reach from under my mattress and will butcher you. That's not even logical. You're prone to get attacked. Who's not territorial? Sharks does not deserve to be hunted just like every other animal.

Oh, you like to wrestle alligators and party with anacondas?
Accept the fact that it's a strong chance that your life will end.
Do I have to mention Steve Irwin? You know, the "Crikey" guy? He was stupid

With that being said, lets respect what Mother Nature has put forth. We are no different that the different species out here. Whether it's your pet, an insect, or outside animals. We all belong here together.


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