The Latest video from The Jealous Guys.
From The Love Mixtape.

Brainwashed By London


I been slipping on my music shit but I'm pretty glad a got a hold of some Phresh Heir shit that was released last week. Last Friday to be exact.

I'm excited to hear more from them, hopefully. Listen while your still reading this post.

If you're trying to enhance your iTunes download Focus on the Moment here.



Random: Every time I think of Loaded I think of french fries with bacon, cheese, chives and sour cream on top.

Well, if you're thinking the same thing change your fucking mindset and get some grub.

Check Out Quick Kash's video Loaded Directed by the homie Rowe.
Good Shit. Enjoy

The Definition of what Cool is...

I know y'all want some new CMC shit, right? RIGHT!!

Download both...


Shot By: Bre'Ann

Photographer: Bre'Anne White
Model: Imani (Me)
Location: Cemetery
Hair: Erica Bradly
Make-Up: Holliwood Lash

Pretty Fun shoot.
Some awesome pics came forth.
Want some pictures done? Professionally? Follow @Bre_Photography on Twitter.

No Tomorrow

Shout Out To @Reason313 for making not only a debut on my blog but also creating a pretty good mixtape. Featuring some new and old voices. "Old" as in familiar.

Check his shit out.

Download, No Tomorrow, here.


The Fresh Prince...

If you don't have it, get it!

Big Shan's Fresh Prince of Detroit was released a couple of days ago. It's pretty good.
My 2 FAVORITE songs though would have to be Polio feat. Danny Brown and Earlly Mac and I Do I feat. Jsun.

Download it here, on his site.

Small Fry Network Presents...

P.T.A. Meeting

This is the first time I've seen/heard anything from The Faculty as a group.
Like I've heard Sy Mcfly freestyle (good shit) but them as a group, even better.

So Check this Out and Enjoy
If you didn't know, that's the Freshman Clothing boutique that they're being filmed in


Gon' Get'Em

It's Clear Soul Forces FIRST video.
Why wouldn't you be excited?

Watch. Enjoy. And download The Departure.

(Which is in the Mixtapes tabs)

Quote It

"I know it's easy to imagine, but it's easier to just do. See, if you can't do what you imagine, then what is imagination to you?"

-Kid Cudi
I fucks with this mixtape, or let Q tell it, album.
Q from Michigan's own TGL.
If you enjoyed the classic movie, Juice (1992), then you would enjoy @ItzQmannn's creation.

Which is also entitled Juice.

Download Juice here

A D N J: does it again

Personally, I've been waiting on the second season to start.
I don't think Josh understands. Really. lol

The first episode of Season 2's
The Other Day


E.M.L.E. 10

E.M.L.E. made it to episode 10!!!

And don't forget to comment in the little comment box on youtube.
If you don't feel like commenting like a lazy little fucker be more than welcome to leave a comment below.



Be on the look out for The RIOTS.
Their arrival will be April 22.



Who don't like give aways
especially when Revive Michigan is doing the giving?

It's a lil' contest kind of thing, JUST for today.
You must follow @REVIVEMICHIGAN on twitter to be eligible and you have to tweet the following: REVIVE MAKES MOVES, throughout the day. Who ever tweets that the most is the winner. The winner will be announced at 8 p.m. Get yo' ass to tweetin'.


Let's be friendly here

Now, I'm not trying to stir up any controversy. I've been asked plenty of times by viewers to ask a question about our fellow city. To be more specific about our artist, in the city. Like rappers, singers...you know, current entertainers. And I mean even though it's suppose to be a Detroit thing let's not leave out out foreigners (those outside of Michigan). I'm sure they would value your opinions.

So, the question is...who do y'all fuck with, musically?

One thing I don't want to see is some snake shit. Bashing, sneak dissin' or any dick suckage.
You don't have to pick one group/person. I would never try to limit ones opinions. But feel free to comment.

For those who are artist that might peep out the comments. Don't take shit personal. The audience isn't obligated to love your music. This is solely based on on what some prefers. So if I catch you on twitter or facebook bitching about why you don't see your name on here I would probably punch the shit outta you. Out of love, of course.

That's just a lil' reminder that you need to be on your shit.
Let's stay positive, okay?

Just Dumb

How can you pass this up? Listen to the intro, which is pretty classic, then hear it transform into some cold shit. Chuck Good and Buzz Burrus Dumb, Dumber is something you MIGHT catch me shakin' my bum to? which is rare. Very rare.

Download Dumb, Dumber

AART: Ode to Hip Hop; Promo vid

I don't have to say much.
It's all in the video.

But what I would encourage is you (the audience, obviously), young and old, Detroit-ers, Southfield-ers...PEOPLE OF MICHIGAN. Bring your ass.
Hoes, stand by the "Nacho Stand" as instructed.

In a trench coat. BOOTY BUTT NAKED.


I told y'all to look out for some more shit when Chavis Chandler released 7 mile a couple of weeks ago. Check him out now, he gotta mixtape entitled Breath Of Fresh Air that he dropped recently (On the 19th). I'm rather impressed by it.

Download Breath Of Fresh Air, it'll "change your fucking life".
Enjoy ♥

"Roll it up, then smoke it up"

You fucks with Tru Great Lakers?
Yeah, I thought so.

My nigga Manny (from the group) has some new shit for y'all
which is entitled Inhale feat. Qmann
I fucks with this shit HEAVY.

Download Inhale here


Sleepy Head

Jsun put me up on some shit that I would like to share with you

Passion Pits - Sleepyhead

They Do It For The "Love"

This mixtape reminds me of some Guru Jazzmatazz kind of shit. It's very relaxing and just chill. I proud of these guys though. As you may already know, from previous post, The Jealous guys has been on there shit. Constantly growing musically and what not.

So everybody, download The Love Mixtape and Enjoy ♥

Brain Leakage

It's back. You know when I would grab a random word, have a story behind it and then my perspective. Yeah, that shit. Here goes nothing...

(n.) : an individual who exhibits or adheres to perfectionism
(adj.) : of, relating to, or characterized by perfectionism

I am a perfectionist. Not in the "everything piece of furniture HAS to be a certain angle the lemonade HAS to have this amount of sugar" kind of way. Because my actions are far from perfect. Just like everyone else. My views on whatever is perfect is whatever that makes me genuinely happy. Whether is a person or a mere object. There's shouldn't be any limitations. If a person discourage you because they think whatever you're doing isn't perfect. Well fuck them. That perfection deranged foe shouldn't try to dictate what makes you smile. Or what you may think that's perfect.

Anyway, that's all I had to say. Peace


Better than the Remake

I heard this before, I've never seen the video.
Now that I've seen the video (today) I love it even more.
This shits on LL Cool J's Loungin'...It's all, cute n' shit


Detroit Pride

So yeah, My city has it's OWN Super Bowl commercial.
Which made myself and others pretty happy.
Shout Out to Chrysler and Eminem.



Fuze The MC's...
Directed by Lance Coleman (Fuze) and shot by Russell Dinero.


Quote It

"Visualization is the process of creating pictures in your mind of yourself enjoying what you want. When you visualize, you generate powerful thoughts and feelings of having it now. The law of attraction then returns that reality to you, just as you saw it in your mind. "

-Rhonda Byrne (Author of The Secret and The Power)

Money In The Bag

This is a rather creative video from the homie EVRYDAY JAY.
I hope you all enjoy the song as well as the vintage visuals.

If only it wasn't so short. *smiles*.


We're all grown here. So disregard the title.

With their penises.

approximately 15 complaints that women have submitted to @Amativeminded.
That was also your cue to follow him.


I'M Not a Star

I have no idea why this song sounds familiar?
maybe I'm buggin...yeah, that must be it.

Anyhoo. Long time no hear from my nigga JFin.
But we got another freestyle out of him.

I'm Not A Star (FREESTYLE) by JFIN

listen and download


E-Harmony Ad

Somebody find Batman a Chick...

*click* mykewrightshow *click*


Just a lil' Announcement

I'm pretty sure you all heard Chavis Chandler's 7 Mile a while back. Right? Right. Well the video will be shot, where else? on East 7 mile (and another destination that I'm not sure of). And for those out of state/country folks, 7 mile runs both East and West of Detroit, Michigan. Anyway. If you want to participate in the festivities contact @CHAVISCHANDLER on both the 4th and the 5th.

Clear Soul Forces is also going to have a video out, pretty soon. There isn't a set date though. Don't be surprised when you see it on my blog. Speaking of CSF their very own Jroc has started a Blog, theprofan.blogspot.com .

I think that's it?

Wait, wait...

Don't forget to get some professional photos done by Bre'Ann White. I know you all haven't forgotten about the photo shoot I had with her a couple of months back. If so, she's working on a website which will include a dashing portfolio. F.Y.I. I said "dashing" with an accent while I was typing this. It's still under construction www.brewhite.com you can still bookmark it though.


Bus Stop Jazz

The Jealous Guys presents
Bus Stop Jazz
A lil collaboration between them and Lunice.

Enjoy, I know you will.


Smokers Circle

The Smokers Circle, which I am guessing consist of O-mack, A-Butta and Young Roc.
Shot by @ADudeNamedJosh
Produced by Six-O


The Kick Back

Art Show
Jittin' Contest O_O

It's all good, bruh.

At the Graffiti Warehouse (4850 Grand River/Warren)
01. 22. 2011
The doors open at 9PM and the show starts at 10PM
This'll be my first time going and I would hope to see many familiar faces.
Did I mention that it was 5 to get in? Well yeah, it's only 5 bucks.

See you all there.


E.M.L.E. 8

I'm fucking up.
Here goes Episode 8.

very soon.

We have a PROBLEM

The other day I decided that I wanted to fix an in particular account on my laptop.

What made this ONE account so important is that I had all of my music on file. Like, every single song that would fit my life perfectly. Well, Almost.

The actual problem is that now a lot of my recent files, whether is photography, NEW music etc. they're on another account. I know you might be thinking, "If it's not deleted then you're okay". My Answer to you, is no, it's not okay. I wish I could just transfer EVERYTHING from the pre-existing accounts to this single one. But one of them has been infected by porn and the other is pretty much what my mom use. I don't want her shit.

This post is absolutely pointless.

If I was on the other side of the computer screen, I wouldn't give a fuck. But, If there is someone out there in the world that can help. SAY SOMETHING. I love to be organized. And now that I know that I have to re-download some shit is upsetting me.

I'm done ranting, peace.


It's where I reside.
*throws up gang signs*
But no really, I fuck with Chavis and His song entitled 7 mile.

It was released on the 10th of this month
Download awwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy...right here.

Be on the look out for some more of his music.


Understand This




...are two different things

I'm sick of these niggas wanting me to check out they're Blogger and it's nothing but Tumblr like photos...that they've copied and paste FROM tumblr. No captions or any actual literature. I can understand if they we're a photographer and wanted to showcase their art, but it's not. Go ahead and make yourself a tumblr if you're doing tumblr shit elsewhere.



You all don't understand how upset I was when I missed the Hometown Hero's concert.
Thankfully, REVIVE concocted a recap of what happened that night.

And there are also special appearances by Taz Arnold and Teyana Taylor. Enjoy.

If you have not peeped out any of REVIVE's shit, shame on you.
Click here and explore


I know...I'm a lil late posting this.
Even if I've already been listening to it since last week.


Download 5% by Key Wane feat Jay John and GT


I didn't ask for this picture.
It was a spur of the moment thing...apparently.
Like, out of boredom.

I appreciate every bit of it though.
Thank you Nicholas; @nick_uvdistrict



Produced by Superobo, I would like to present Nolan's Go Ninja.

Download it from his bandcamp, here.
and follow him on twitter, @NolanTheNinja

New music from P. Floyd, of Room 500, entitled The Tide.

...and I Quote...
"The Tide is P. Floyd's statement to the whole rap scene, especially Michigans. No fancy mixing, no big name producer, just lines and more lines" ...Enjoy..

Download here

Quote It

I still have a passion for the music, which is such a beautiful thing. I still wake up in the middle of the night out of a dream and have a melody in my head, and run to my piano.
-Teena Marie
(Rest In Peace)

Love You So...

The Jealous Guys feat. Solomon and Finder

Love You So
Well executed, I can't wait to see what's in store for Bus Stop Jazz.

Fire Flame

New shit from Buzz Burrus feat. Street Lord Juan entitled Fire Flame

Artwork By: Antonio Robinson @TheWholiganX

Download Fire Flame here


On the first Friday of the YEAR is The Red Cup Session: New Year's Edition.
Peep the flyers below.

I wish blogger provided me with bigger resolution with pictures...

Friday, January 7th, 2011
The Shelter (431 E. Congress St. Detroit, MI.)...
Doors open at 7:30...
Show starts at 8 and end at 12 a.m.
Sounds by Ro Spit and the event is hosted by Lawrence Lamont.

I better see you all there!



This year, just like every other year, Is going to be a good one.
Let us all progress with whatever we're doing.
Whether it's...





Llama Training.........

Pretty much whatever you have been dreaming about work your way to making them come true. If I like you, if I don't like you...doesn't matter. I wish EVERYBODY the best. But one thing y'all can miss me with is that, "New Year, New Me", blah blah bullshit. So with that being said. Happy New Year's people of the World. Even though I am a day late.