Inner City Skateboards

I'm going to just through this out in the air so people will understand.

Yes, there are black folks that skateboard in Detroit.

Sadly, many of my own kind find that hard to believe. Personally, I love it. And what's great about it, is that now and days skateboarders do not have to travel out of the city to buy boards, apparel and other accessories. I mean if you still want to make that trip to Dearborn, Royal Oak blah blah blah go ahead, waste your time. But, from the minds of Delon Robinson and Daniel Stroud they have developed "Inner-City Skateboards" back in 2009. They are both entrepreneurs and enthusiast withing the skating community. Because of this idea turned reality skaters from within Detroit will have a better and convenient retail-like establishment to order from. Which will also catch the attention from outsiders.

If you would either want to browse or buy some of the product you see above you can order it from innercityskateboards (yes, that is a link to the site)

Also, I suggest you follow them both on twitter:

Delon - @uknowDDiddy

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