lmao..gotta love the dork

I know..I know..I'm like a year late..whatever.
I swear this is probably one of the most Ha-Ha-larious videos i have seen in a while.
Not only is Cudi dope..but he's a complete dork,makes my insides chuckle a little.
Which I like.lol.`♥

Thanks Theo for posting this video on my facebook page =]
2points for you pal


Identity Theft

this note is for those who tend to express themselves,through others.Sounds kinda remedial,yea.I know. I wrote something similar like, ehh, last year,apparently folks still don't get the point.I'm not talking down to anybody. I want 2 encourage peeps to invest in self-love `♥

tough love..I guess..whatever

Question: Why are we so unhappy with ourselves..as an individual.?

I mean,a lot of peeps wont admit the shit that I'm about to say*my opinion of course*. Many are either unhappy,ashamed or embarrassed with their true self. SOOO...they imitate the norm (typical blahzehsplee).I define that as:Those who wear the same clothes/shoes, talk the same..*shouts*..wear the same FUCKIN hair, ponytails whatever. (CLONES). They already cant think for themselves.smh.


If you are trying to fit in with "those" type of people,your pathetic. Or if you walking around trying 2 be something that you KNOW your not,I would call that self-hatred. I mean,you can tell who has a genuine personality oppose to those who just do shit for respect.

I'll respect you as a person...not a poser. There is a reason why you look the way you look. who said there was anything wrong with being weird, different, whatever.? OBVIOUSLY you have a mind of your own. Don't let people, TV and magazines tell you otherwise.

Why are we so obsessed with having another persona;Or wanting to be the next broad. No telling if she sucked a lil thang thang back in her day. lol. Just because you want a tad bit more attention doesn't mean you need to broadcast yourself in the most negative way. If a guy cant respect you for being you,fuck'em. He is a waste of your life. Don't stress perfection either or live up to someone's expectations,that's pointless. Also why do everybody wanna be a Kardashian, Harajuku or a Minaj.??A barbie,a marie or even having chell at the end of everything. Even if it is irrelevant to their actual name and just because it sounds cute. smh. I hate seeing peeps who steal others photos,then photo "shopped" it to make it look authentic. Is it that serious 2 lie 2 that public and yourself.? Which you're hurting by the way.

The softest negroes all of a sudden wanna be so tough. Plenty of guys start off being respectful, considerate, charming, you know, a gentleman. Then because they get the impression that girls like "REAL" niggas *bullpoo* or they wanna get respect from a random group of guys they transform into the "bang bang shoot'em up 7mile better mile" bullshit(which isn't cute by the way). Oh,and all that "I get this and that, I only wear these on my ass hooblah". Aye YO...........................Who really care.???? You're setting yourself up to get robbed and failure because niggas don't care.Yo' money and pride wouldn't care either. And all that pride keeps guys from really being themselves, especially when it comes to how a guy really feel instead of rehearsing the same old redundant lines. You all should show some respect and courtesy. Maybe you will find that "wifey" or "real bitch" you want. Even though I don't really like those terms.

So with what I stated above,love yourself. I don't give a fuck if you dance to country music,eat boogers or entertained by nick jr.WHATEVER.!? Don't let anybody tell you that what you are doing is strange or abnormal. That one random thing that you do makes you special. Embrace your weirdness. Normal people are boring and smell like old lettuce n taco meat. lol. Life is not twitter*meaning*QUIT FOLLOWING THE HYPE.
if we had more leaders,no telling what we ,as youth, can do pretty much anything.