Lupe-I'm Beamin

I been waiting on this video (literally).
he anounced that it was finished 04.25 then said it was going to be released at 8pm on 04.26. Didn't happen.lol. But he finally released it and I'm beyond happy (thanx to @CourtlandBurton; follow him)
welp,here it go...


Pac Div-ey

New Pac Div titled "Don't Mention It".

I just finished listeningto the mixtape, it's rather nice.

download here, I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.

Eco Friendly Make-Up.?

Bamboo is the new "It" make up thing, apparently. I seen some of the products at a local CVS and I didn't pick it up. For those who don't know I only wear eye liner, but this bamboo frenzy caught my attention. EcoTools ( shown on the left ) is a collection of brushes made from bamboo, synthetic taklon bristles and recycled aluminum. The actual make-up called Bamboo Wear ( shown on the right) is suppose to re-new and condition your skin. It's hypoallergic, fragrance-free and oil-free. I might consider using the products if all oft he "facts" are true. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Quote it

"What if there was no niggas, and only master teachers...I'll stay woke"

-Erykah Badu, Master Teachers


Fuck a Perm

Now, I don't want to brag but, my hair is cold. Whether it's done or not, I love it.

If you're a chick like me, who want's their shit to be bouncy and not THAT STIFF BULLSHIT, than this is the perfect remedy. It's called Fantasia Frizz Buster and you can get it from your local beauty supply. All you have to do is wash,condition, add that shit in while it's damp, blow dry, press, then flatiron. That FUCKIN SIMPLE, NO PERMS NECESSARY.


House Party

Extended version of Earl Macs' House Party

I like this one better than the regular version
getcha popcorn folks


Back to Basiks

Everybody been asking me where I got my glasses from, so..yeah, here it is. BURGER & FRIENDS. I love their patterns and clothes, I also appreciate how daring they are. Remind me of the early 90's "Summer time" video stuff. I meeeaaannnnn c'mon nah..change watches, the bags, the shirts, you gotta love it!!

Whenever I go to Texas (soon hopefully) that will be my first stop.
I might just purchase a back pack, not book bag.

Check'em out and Order up some shit
their website Burger&Friends, they're nice

EveryBody Knows Us

Dom Kennedy.Pac Div and Carter.
Two dope rappers and some other guy im not familiar with, but he's nice.
I swear at the beginning I thought Dom was going to say some Big Sean shit.

"Ass shake,ass skake...yea I like that ass shake"lol

I may be late, But I don't care
It's a nice song


Black Mag Freestyle

Hmm...what do I think...I'm not disappointed, the shit is nice.
Black Mags Freestyle Chuck x Buzz x Q (sorry love, I don't know your name)
listen, feel and download here
then follow them on twitter
@foundmycup - Chuck Good
@BuzzBurrus - Buzz Burrus
@itzQmannn - CEO of TGL

CSF -happy ears-

The first time I seen them perform was in February at Bob's Classic Kicks and what I seen was quite dope. A couple of days after that I listened to their Mixtape and ears was puurreetttyyyy happy. I don't know all of them personally, but shout out to Kortez, The light skin one, The one with the glasses and The Big Head =]
keep up the good work you all and keep my updated.

Download Clear Soul Force's mixtape here

and if you want to see them perform
be at "The Air Up There" at Bobs Classic Kicks ( 4717 Woodward & Forest ) Saturday April 24 at 10:00 p.m.

the Other Day pt. 8

I should have been blogging about this a long time ago, this shit is hilarious...Watch, then subscribe.! I will be updating very soon.!!
Subscribe or Die

Highlight of my week ( 4.11 - 4.17)

Yes, I am late posting this. Excuse my laziness.

The highlight of the week, shit, MY LIFE would have to be the Lupe Fiasco and B.O.B "Steppin Lasers"tour at the Royal Oak Music Hall. Besides myself being extremely short and almost punching some one, I would have to say that I haven't felt so good lip singing to my favorite songs since like...the shower. Here go my crappy pics. Not of the performance though.

Long ass line

My ticket

Now, if you want to see some quality pictures you can go to the official Lupe Fiasco Blog, LupE.N.D Blog

Shout out to Michelle's Pictures making it to the blog

Employee of the Month

So I thought of this post thing that I believe I should do monthly. Why not grab a random photo of a cool ass person (that I know of course) and say at least 5 things about'em. Either by their request or like...my thoughts. Therefore.....

The Employee of the Month



  1. YO...he eats' tha' puss and he's not ashamed to admit it.
  2. He's a sweetheart.
  3. He's an artist, that's what he tells me.
  4. Brandon has lost 14lbs since March ( without that extra bullshit).
  5. Follow him on twitter @CallmeBSmith



A poem by Angela Davis
entitled "What Do I Know"

What do I know
What can I know
What fine lessons
What have been taught

I know the pain-
bitter, burning
as it poisons
my very soul

Oh, humiliation-
now that is a long word
with a larger effect
shame, heaped upon oneself

I know despair-
hopeless, wanting
needing, dying
from inside out

Now the degradation-
there is yet another
treated like you are less
and worse, feeling like less

How I know suffering
and much mental anguish
it's intolerable
death would be a release

What it is like
to be haunted
by memories
regret, sorrow

Then survival-
an existence
does not mean life

I know wondrous hope-
giving me reason
to continue on
with this thing called life

there is a big word
the will, and desire
to fight and strive- live

What about the joy-
of simply being
you and that is all
and that is enough

Then there is love, sweet love-
the biggest word of all
giving hope, and freedom
it is beautiful

What do I know
What can I know
What fine lessons
What has been taught

Without the bad
we would never
what good we have

Concieted Moment

It's on my Facebook ( Mani Bo-Peep )
It's on my Twitter ( @imaniAOchic )
Shit...it's on here.!
I fuckin LOVE this picture of myself
that is all

Big X's and Big O's

So, I'm sitting here on twitter and watching Project Runaway. While doing that some random ass thought in my head said," Imani, you love your bestfriends", and I responded back like a creep-o saying," you know what whateveryouare I do, I think I should write about 2 of them, my faves". Neither one of them bore me or annoy me n whatever. WELL...blah blah blah..I'm talkin heads.lol...let me get detailed with these two.

Ahhhhhh....Diante, I always think I spell your name wrong, but besides that. This young whippa snappa is one of the brightest guys I know. I swear when we first had our first convo I thought that he was my age or older because of how he carry himself. We're always seeing eye to eye on almost everything, music, clothes..whatever.! Yes..we give eachother advice on relations and relationships, but, regardless of his hoes telling him that he is mean blah blah blah they will soon learn that they should've quit bitchin, because my bf is on his shit.....AND HE'S NOT MEAN,Y'ALL WHORES ARE DUMB & CHILD-LIKE...excuse my tourettes. I love this guy, he's a on his way to being an successful photographer and he's also focused.............................................Boyshorts & flapjacks

Malcolm ARMANI Muhammad.!!!!! Man O' Man it's a small world. If I didn't know Darrick [ Akbar X (lol ) ] then we would've just been, I dunno, not bestfriends. The first time I peeped out anything about him, he wrote some shit about tinkerbell that was sooooooo cold to me and it wasn't even homo. We haven't be through that much, because of my parents. Like when him and his friend (my friend too) Corey came all the way from nowheres land to the Eastside and had to leave like 15 minutes later. Yeah, that was some bullshit. I cried like a bitch when his flight delayed, but I was happy when we hung out when he came home. I-Hop & Lazer Tag...You always make me feel better when I'm sad and all that other gay shit, I love you pal, Roll one up nigga ( I'm lying )
The End.lol