Big X's and Big O's

So, I'm sitting here on twitter and watching Project Runaway. While doing that some random ass thought in my head said," Imani, you love your bestfriends", and I responded back like a creep-o saying," you know what whateveryouare I do, I think I should write about 2 of them, my faves". Neither one of them bore me or annoy me n whatever. WELL...blah blah blah..I'm talkin heads.lol...let me get detailed with these two.

Ahhhhhh....Diante, I always think I spell your name wrong, but besides that. This young whippa snappa is one of the brightest guys I know. I swear when we first had our first convo I thought that he was my age or older because of how he carry himself. We're always seeing eye to eye on almost everything, music, clothes..whatever.! Yes..we give eachother advice on relations and relationships, but, regardless of his hoes telling him that he is mean blah blah blah they will soon learn that they should've quit bitchin, because my bf is on his shit.....AND HE'S NOT MEAN,Y'ALL WHORES ARE DUMB & CHILD-LIKE...excuse my tourettes. I love this guy, he's a on his way to being an successful photographer and he's also focused.............................................Boyshorts & flapjacks

Malcolm ARMANI Muhammad.!!!!! Man O' Man it's a small world. If I didn't know Darrick [ Akbar X (lol ) ] then we would've just been, I dunno, not bestfriends. The first time I peeped out anything about him, he wrote some shit about tinkerbell that was sooooooo cold to me and it wasn't even homo. We haven't be through that much, because of my parents. Like when him and his friend (my friend too) Corey came all the way from nowheres land to the Eastside and had to leave like 15 minutes later. Yeah, that was some bullshit. I cried like a bitch when his flight delayed, but I was happy when we hung out when he came home. I-Hop & Lazer Tag...You always make me feel better when I'm sad and all that other gay shit, I love you pal, Roll one up nigga ( I'm lying )
The End.lol

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