Kiki's Delivery Service

Your childhood wasn't shit if you haven't seen this movie; At least 3 times.


If you have not seen "Grindhouse" (which is one of my favorite movies) then you would have NO idea where the movie is based from. P.S. YOU SUCK

Here goes a little background

Before the actual movie started there we're little fake trailers. Well I thought that they were fake until I have seen the trailer for "Machete". I am assuming that this is either another great Quentin Tarrantino or Robert Rodriguez movie. Only because they have both partnered up to create, the 4 hour movie, "Grindhouse". Anyhoo...peep out the trailer below.

PAUSE. This is JUST a Robert Rodriguez movie. With a dope ass cast. I'm excited.

Pick Them Sticks Up BITCH

They're back
wait, they haven't gone anywhere.
If you haven't already downloaded Clear Soul Forces new track "Pick up the Sticks" you need to do so now. This song speak all sort of volumes, personally, I love it. If you're like a gamer, you would totally understand the clever analogies and similarities to different classic video games within this song.

Also, it's produced by Nameless and you can download it here from his "Divshare" profile (you have to give the man his cred :])



The dialogue is so cliche. They would've been better off saying:

Ponytail: Giiiirrrrlllll my hair so nappy.
Baldhead: Really? get in that kitchen and tame that shit.
Ponytail: *laughs* Mmmm Hmmmm.
Baldhead: Mmmmm Hmmmm.
Ponytail: Mmmm Hmmm Hmm Hmmm.
Baldhead: Yop Yop...girl you got it.
Ponytail: Mmm Hmmm you know it.
Baldhead: Take this Olive Oil stuff, it works...look how shiny my hair is.
Ponytail: I need this strong ass gel for these damned egdes.
Baldhead: *laughs* giiiirrrrlll you silly, Mmmm Hmmm.
Ponytail: Mmmmmmmmm Hmmmmm

Like, whoever wrote the script exaggerated every bit of it. To the point that every word they spoke upon was unnatural and stereotypical. Besides, that's a crappy product.



Well, you know that I love to hear new shit.
Thanks to Bre'Ann who told me about this artist, his name is Swill.
Enjoy folks.

Brain Leakage pt. 6

Within many, there is a lack of it. Sad to say...

Loyal; Loyalty
1 : unswerving in allegiance: as
: faithful in allegiance to one's lawful sovereign or government
: faithful to a private person to whom fidelity is due
: faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product

Everybody now and days are complaining about how un-loyal folks may be, even myself. Why is it that over the decades the trust level and loyalty died? Don't get me wrong, people have always been somewhat "shady" or "untrustworthy" but why must we act negatively on that. Just because you're friend or family been that way towards you doesn't mean it is right for you to be spiteful. That just let you know that you need to let'em go. Which is even worse loyalty is misused as "even though my homie is in the wrong, ima still have his back". If anything talk him/her out of whatever is wrong. That would show that you are also being "loyal" to his/her future, not wanting to see'em fuck up their life. Opposed to being a "loyal" pen-pal for your prisoner friend or a "loyal" friend at their funeral. We all want to see our peers do better, right? I can honestly count down a good 20 people that are not kin, that have been a true friend to me. Others ,*shakes head*, I keep out of my life. An un-loyal person that strives for a friendship will most likely want what you have. Or is there to sabotage out of envy. Most won't catch it until chaos breaks loose and it's too late. Sad, but true. Last but not least, the most un-loyal actions are done within relationships. People just can't be faithful anymore. Everybody wanna "dog hoes" and "think like niggas" instead of being committed and loyal to their significant other. Don't waste my time if you're not putting in an effort to be faithful. Learn some self-discipline before you even speak of a wanting a boyfriend/girlfriend. But of course, once again, this my opinion of what loyalty is. Peace.


Phat Tracks

Remember that "Freshman Freestyle" that I blogged about last week?


Well, There is a song by@Burn1_Merle, feat. @NolanTheNINJA (The Freshman Freestyle-er :] ) called "Phat Tracks". Listen to it below.

Like it?
I know.

Download it here

Look-ey Look-ey

Shout Out to Kendra, from Montana, for drawing this picture of my awesome legs. Thanks girly.

Follow her on twitter.



What did I tell you before.
Make some room in your iTunes for some more CMC shit. Like now. And no, this is obviously not a Thesaurus track. EVERYDYJay...in other words my at work boyfriend *laughs*. Welp, download "Victory Lap" NOW, RIGHT HERE, HERE'S THE DOWNLOAD. I shouted that too.


Employee of the Month: August

The Employee of the Month



This Months "Employee of the Month" well be quite different from the rest. It's more so of a...short article. First off what I must say is that Khloe is a gifted photographer; Scratch that, Artist. I am truly infatuated with her work. But, enough about my feelings *laughs*. Khloe is obsessed and fascinated with EVERYTHING. Which isn't bad, at all. No matter who or what it is she is intrigued by it. Therefore, she enlightens herself by good ol' studying. Before I upload some pictures, look up a man named Chuck Palahniuk; Who is her favorite author. Maybe then you will have a glimpse of what goes through her cranium.

Welp, here is what I didn't promise you...but I did mention it. =]
Here goes some eye candy.

Make sure you follow her on twitter,
then check out her tumblr.
The Misadventures of Adam (Jane) West

Enjoy ♥


Okay, so what. I know I am not the first person to blog this.
But, I ADORE this woman, Miss Erykah Badu. You can mos definitely feel the soul in the music and I dig the plot of this video. I didn't think Rick Ross would really fit into the song when I heard about the collab,well, he proved me wrong.

Freshman Freestyle


I NEVER knew he had it in him, music wise, silly me. Dropping BARS at Detroit's own Freshman Clothing (you'll see a post about them once I buy some shirts), I can mos def fuck with this freestyle.


Never Been

"Say She Neva Been"...*Wiz Khalifa voice*

One my favorite songs from Kush & OJ


On Time

Another hit from Thesaurus (in my opinion)
It's something that is a tad different from what you are used to hearing. Something smooth, something you can chill too. I know I haven't not given you all that much details on them, but look out for it. Welp, here goes the download, here.

I know something you all don't know *maniacal laugh*. Basically you all might wanna make room in your iTunes. CMC as a whole has a SHITLOAD that's gonna be quite epic. That's all I'm going to say for now though. I know right...what a tease.

Cherry Darling: I broke my leg

El Ray: That's okay *breaks off wooden leg*

El Ray: I made you something *install a machine gun LEG*

El Ray (again): I DO believe in you, always have. I believe you can be better. You deserve better, better than me. Right now, I need you to become who you were meant to be. Stand.


I that movie.


Saturday Love ♥

I don't know who that chickie is.
she is not the reason for this post.
Saturday Love. Which is some new shit by Detroit's own Tru Great Lakers. TGL is made up of Manny, Gil and Q. If you fail to remember, I have mentioned them before regarding to "The Battle of the Bands" that was like, a while ago. Also, look out for a new mixtape soon (September-Novermber-ish). Anyway, download their latest song here.

And if you have not downloaded TGL's previous mixtape download it below
"Written by the Lake"



if you are easily offended by the word "BITCH" then that is your own problem
enjoy ♥

Quote It

"The circumcision has already begun
Desensitizing the very thing or thang that brought
you into this motherfucker in the first place
And when I say 'motherfucker' I do mean 'motherfucker'
Because Mother Earth is dying and we continue to fuck her to death..."

-Andre 3000; Vibrate