Employee of the Month: August

The Employee of the Month



This Months "Employee of the Month" well be quite different from the rest. It's more so of a...short article. First off what I must say is that Khloe is a gifted photographer; Scratch that, Artist. I am truly infatuated with her work. But, enough about my feelings *laughs*. Khloe is obsessed and fascinated with EVERYTHING. Which isn't bad, at all. No matter who or what it is she is intrigued by it. Therefore, she enlightens herself by good ol' studying. Before I upload some pictures, look up a man named Chuck Palahniuk; Who is her favorite author. Maybe then you will have a glimpse of what goes through her cranium.

Welp, here is what I didn't promise you...but I did mention it. =]
Here goes some eye candy.

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The Misadventures of Adam (Jane) West

Enjoy ♥

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