Red Cup Chronicles

Yup yup, you see it. Another mixtape presented by Chuck Good. I mean, have he let y'all down before....................no, so be on the look out. From what I have heard, (not word of mouth either), the shit is nice. Something you can chill n' vibe to. So with that being said I'm going to leave you all with a tease...

Red Cup Chronicles (intro) - download here

Whoever did the cover receives kudos from me.

NEW Cool Kids

Just last month I was wondering, "what ever happened to The Cool Kids.?" Then today my homie, Kortez (from CSF...download their mixtape), told me that they had two new songs out. AND a video, but, I only have the downloads courtesy of 2dopeboyz.com.

Freak City - download here ( I wasn't really feeling it, maybe you will though)

Fishing Lessons - download here

look out for their mixtape "Tacklebox".


Katt Stacks TwitVid

I'm not a fan of Katt Stacks, AT ALL. And okay, I wouldn't mind seeing her in a fight with some WNBA amazon woman. But to see MEN slap her around asking for apologies is quite disgusting. I refuse to applaud these BITCH niggas for attacking her. Just because she's nasty (from what I have heard) doesn't mean it's alright. I sometimes wish guys would grow a dick.


From my understanding these Vans are supposed to be released sometime next month, which isn't far away. I don't know much of the inspiration behind them, but, what I do know is that I WANT THEM. And to be exact I want the ones on the left, in a size 6. Yes! *Tiger Woods fist pump*


the "Yes Man" Cypher

CSF is at it again.lol

You know that annoying ass nigga, that always dicksmokes.."yea yea yea, what else what else..yea yea..yea nigga yea nigga..yea, yup yup"...Basically the "Yes Man". This is a Prime Example. I laugh at funny shit, you should too. Watch this.

...like, in the previous video.


Calvin & Hobbes

my shit

Pee Wee Lamp

HA!! Flick his dick, "lights on lights off". No more clap clappin' or flicking a bland ass, umm..light thingamabob. The only thing I can say that is fucked up about this lamp is that dude isn't having any fun. LOOK AT HIS FACE! He's being violated for our sight. Whatever, I think it's hilarious in a perverted way. I wonder if Spencer's sell this item? I will mos def buy it for my granny.

Marc Jacobs

Here are my two favorite "fits" from Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer line.
I'm late, so what
Now, even though I love his work, I wasn't moved by this particular line of clothes. Maybe I'll think differently when I see the Fall collection. I'm sure I won't be disappointed



May 29, 2010,
Doors open up at 9, show starts at 10 and ends at 1.
5 with Nikes, 7 without and ladies free before 11,
at Bob's Classic Kicks,4717 Woodward,Detroit, MI.

The shit is gonna be awesome.


I have been playing this shit for hours.


the 3 A.M. Post

It is May 22, 2010

I'm at my twin's house (Anika)

Researching some shit for the blog...I hate being wrong about anything.

I have to be accurate.

Anyhoo, it's been like, a week since I have blogged anything.

Until now.

I'm bored as shit, chillin with folks..

I wouldn't normally chill with.

Therefore I'm just here blogging about absolute nothing-ness.

*heavy sighs* He smells like burnt toast.

Her hair is some bullshit.

She looks like Piglet.

He looks like he craves penis

OKAY OKAY OKAY....I'm done talking about people...sike, peace.


CSF cypher

"Fat Sex & Unwanted House-Guests Cypher"

By: @ClearSoulForce

Watch it you fuckin panzy, you will not be disappointed. No, really, this shit is hilarious!WATCH IT NOW


the Other Day pt.9

If you liked pt.8 you'll mos def like pt.9

Watch and subscribe.!


Quote it

"Don't be afraid to feel as angry or as loving as you can, because when you feel nothing, it's just death."

-Lena Horne (R.I.P.)


ROOM500 shit

My Homie's, @Room500, mixtape "Yea, This Guy"

Featuring my Bestfriend @Kelso500 and @TheFlightOfMars (follow all three of'em)

It's cold, especially "BBB"...download it here

The Employee of the Month:May

The Employee of the Month



  1. I swear he is the only person I know that plays Hockey
  2. He's graduating at the age of 16
  3. Artist
  4. Charming young lad.lol
  5. Follow Him @JonGeniusss

Get Him to the Greek

So, I like comedies *right right* and from the looks of this month and next there is a shitload of movies that I can't wait to see. This particular movie caught my eye because it's either gonna be funny as fuck or it's gonna be shit on a stick.

Jonah Hill (Superbad), Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and P.Diddy (take that take that) are the main characters of the movie. It's directed by Nicholas Stroller, whoever he is, and the movie will be out in theaters 06.04.10. Let us all hope it won't be a fail.

Fruit Bars

Edy's Fruit Bars

Like, no bullshit. You should really go out and by these popsicles. They're extremely addictive and they're made from REAL fruit. C'mon nah, that shit is like sinfully delicious-ness. The ones' I would advise you to get is the box containing the strawberry, lime and rasberry fruit pops.