We have a PROBLEM

The other day I decided that I wanted to fix an in particular account on my laptop.

What made this ONE account so important is that I had all of my music on file. Like, every single song that would fit my life perfectly. Well, Almost.

The actual problem is that now a lot of my recent files, whether is photography, NEW music etc. they're on another account. I know you might be thinking, "If it's not deleted then you're okay". My Answer to you, is no, it's not okay. I wish I could just transfer EVERYTHING from the pre-existing accounts to this single one. But one of them has been infected by porn and the other is pretty much what my mom use. I don't want her shit.

This post is absolutely pointless.

If I was on the other side of the computer screen, I wouldn't give a fuck. But, If there is someone out there in the world that can help. SAY SOMETHING. I love to be organized. And now that I know that I have to re-download some shit is upsetting me.

I'm done ranting, peace.

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