Brain Leakage

It's back. You know when I would grab a random word, have a story behind it and then my perspective. Yeah, that shit. Here goes nothing...

(n.) : an individual who exhibits or adheres to perfectionism
(adj.) : of, relating to, or characterized by perfectionism

I am a perfectionist. Not in the "everything piece of furniture HAS to be a certain angle the lemonade HAS to have this amount of sugar" kind of way. Because my actions are far from perfect. Just like everyone else. My views on whatever is perfect is whatever that makes me genuinely happy. Whether is a person or a mere object. There's shouldn't be any limitations. If a person discourage you because they think whatever you're doing isn't perfect. Well fuck them. That perfection deranged foe shouldn't try to dictate what makes you smile. Or what you may think that's perfect.

Anyway, that's all I had to say. Peace

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