Just a lil' Announcement

I'm pretty sure you all heard Chavis Chandler's 7 Mile a while back. Right? Right. Well the video will be shot, where else? on East 7 mile (and another destination that I'm not sure of). And for those out of state/country folks, 7 mile runs both East and West of Detroit, Michigan. Anyway. If you want to participate in the festivities contact @CHAVISCHANDLER on both the 4th and the 5th.

Clear Soul Forces is also going to have a video out, pretty soon. There isn't a set date though. Don't be surprised when you see it on my blog. Speaking of CSF their very own Jroc has started a Blog, theprofan.blogspot.com .

I think that's it?

Wait, wait...

Don't forget to get some professional photos done by Bre'Ann White. I know you all haven't forgotten about the photo shoot I had with her a couple of months back. If so, she's working on a website which will include a dashing portfolio. F.Y.I. I said "dashing" with an accent while I was typing this. It's still under construction www.brewhite.com you can still bookmark it though.

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