I stole this from my tumblr. I wrote this earlier in the day.
First time (no really) pouring out my so called heart.

I hate feeling vulnerable.

...And being heavy hearted.

I shouldn't allow this shit to break me like it's doing. It's not in my character. I mean, relationship wise, after I'm hurt, I am bitter for the moment and then I move on. I've never been stuck in stone with a stormy cloud above my head.C'mon now, I've been moping in a sloth like manner since yesterday evening. THE FUCK? That shit ain't cool.

People are like, "Imani, be strong; Imani you'll find better; you deserve better". Okay, Maybe. Easier said than done.

When you've been with someone for a long period of time. You become comfortable with them. Not, "I can wear my sweatpants around him" comfortable ,but, "I wouldn't feel right without him" comfortable. it's hard to detach from'em. It's not an over night kind of thing. maybe for him, but not for me.

ARGH. Fuck this.

I'm not going to babble about what love is. Who knows. Everybody has their own perspective.

It's bad enough that I'm writing about this shit, I'm done. Peace.

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