12 Day Classic Re-Cap!

Just in case you missed some tracks from CMC...
Here's a lil' re-cap and then some.
( Click on the titles to download the songs)

1. Thesaurus - Starting Line Up

2. EvryDay Jay - Right Above It

3. Richy Marciano - Jasmine

4. EvryDay Jay & Richy Marciano - Money, Money, Money

5. DevHolly - Damn Shid

6. Thesaurus - Party Peeple

7. Richy Marciano - Radio *new*

8. Richy Marciano - Toot It N' Boot It *new*

4 more days, until it's over...sad face.

There will be a final recap possibly Friday or Christmas Day.
Depending on how busy I am.

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