BCK's 6th Anniversary

October 30th was Bob's Classic Kicks 6th Anniversary. Was it live? FUCK YES. There was some technical difficulties with the computers but the show went on regardless. Many NEW artist (well folks that was new to me) performed such as Stereo Boyz, Nic Cotton, Big Soji, Lady Icewood and Ive League Crew.
Now of course there was the Battle of the Bands which was delayed but was cool. Out of all the crews that performed (Room500, Clear Soul Forces, Freshmen and Tru Great Lakers) TGL won. There was also sneaker raffles and a battle at the end of the show. Last but not Pac Div performed a couple of their songs such as "Pac Div" and "Shine" and others. Cool folks by the way.

Now I'm pretty sure you all would like some visuals, enjoy.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

I was also able to have the pleasure of interviewing Like from Pac Div.
Note: This is a paraphrased interview
because it was spur of the moment and I don't have a recorder...so bare with me.lol.
Besides I only asked him like, five questions.

Me: Do you enjoy being in Detroit?
Like (Pac Div): When I'm in Detroit I've always felt like I've been home. I respected J.Dilla. (He said something about Beat Tapes, damn my memory). Royce, Eminem, I'm pro Detroit. Felt like my soul was here.

Me: How was the Air Up There, here, at Bob's?
Like (Pac Div): It was live, I didn't know what to expect.

Me: Random ass question...What kind of ice cream do you like?
Like (Pac Div): I like cookies and cream, but I also enjoy butter pecan.
Me: Mixed?
Like (Pac Div): Naw, if I had an ice cream cone or a bowl, I would have a scoop of each.

Me: Whenever you're here in Detroit are there any places that you've been to before that became a favorite whether its a restaurant, hotel or...? (BTW.I wasn't trying to be a creepo people.lol)
Like (Pac Div): I haven't be everywhere in Detroit to fully answer that question. We're always in the studio working on music, then sleep.

Me: I KNOW that you all have a new project, so do we have anything to look forward to?
Like (Pac Div): Look out for something in November, entitled "Mania!"...Don't forget to add the explanation point.

I introduced him to Coney Island.
He loved it.

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