Detroit Bombers

You see these pretty mother fuckers on your left? No...do you see this shit.

Akeem and Paul

Has teamed up and became the founders of this up and coming clothing line. Should you be excited, umm...YES, I know I am. I commend these men for being young and having people anticipate their product. Like, I have been waiting for a beanie since August and I have not given up on them not one bit. Just to see creativity planted on some cotton and to be able to wear it around brightens my day. You see the red and black one, yeah, that sexy piece of hat. I've already bought some accessories to be somewhat of an coefficient (laughs). Who don't like hats in the Fall/Winter era of the year. They protect you fucking head from cold monsters and bird poop. Why not do that shit in style and support your local folks. I'm not sure how many beanies they have but got dammit I've already made my mark and pissed on mine (figure of speech people). So, if you want to keep up with them, possibly request some of their product check out their blog; http://detroitbombs.blogspot.com/.

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