Photo Shoot

Yesterday I participated in a photo shoot which was shot by a good friend named Bre'Ann. Now, it wasn't the typical digital camera let's go downtown kinda of thing, obviously. This picture is quality, much like a professional and it has a theme to it.

Imagine, that you are in the woods, your car broke down...in the middle of nowhere. You know, the classic horror movie. Anyway, back to the vision. You're hearing all of the suspicious noises and then you think to yourself, "AWW SHIT, THE FLIPPIN CANNIBAL PIG LADY WAS KNOWN FOR EATING YOUNG HOT FOLKS IN THIS AREA. where do we run to?We don't know...why?CAUSE WE DON'T KNOW. OMG OMG OMG...WHAT DO WE DO?"

S'mores before we die? Don't mind if I do.

Take that as a description.
More pics are coming soon.

Check out Bre'Ann's work, her shit is crazy awesome. Here goes her facebook Bre W-Photography

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