Brain Leakage pt.1

Some shit been weighing on my mind. Like, the kind of shit that I constantly think about before I go to sleep. A lot of it, honestly, I shouldn't put as much energy in. It's doing nothing but mentally draining me until I say something about it.

Here we go...

1. So, I had the perfect opportunity to tell this young lad that I had a thing for him. LITERALLY. And just to clear some air full of rumors (which I will get to next) I don't fucking like everybody, I'm only crushed out on 3 guys. May seem like a lot to you, but I like to keep my options open. Anyhoo, I kinda despise myself for not saying anything. For one, it seem like he had "a lot" going on at the time. I stayed to myself, we cool...but I wasn't in his face the whole night. Probably because I'm conservative, I don't force myself onto guys. That's not my style. I think I'm going to end up telling his friend who I'm like, mad cool with. Don't Know when, besides...even if I did now, i'll be too late. Ehhh, shit be like that sometimes.

2. I need a job still, just thought I would throw that out there.

3. Last thing, I never thought that I would genuinely despise an individual...wait, add an "s" on individual. F.Y.I. I was ranting on twitter about this subject. I hate when guys go around bitchin about me. Then they turn around and throw salt on my name. Niggas we're whispering in naive ears saying that I use people, I like everyone and that I am mean as hell. They're obviously saying that out of spite. Which shows a great amount of weakness. I would've never thought neither of "those guys" would lash out like that. In such a bitch manner. Like I said before,

I don't condone child like antics from grown men, nor tolerate them. And it's funny because everybody that I'm cool with knows better than what they have been told. So the question is....why? What have you accomplished?

Welp, that's it for now. I was going to write about some other shit like problems with some chickies. But, this will do for now.

Your opinion is appreciated, Peace


  1. I hear the people talk..Whistling when they walk.. Gone and relax your mind..(Thats a Jay-Z song by the way it felt right for me to say that lol) but hummmm yeah sound like you got alot goin on there kido you can let those kid of things wear ya down yo..people are gonna talk behind ya back on right in front of ya face jus know that you know whats goin on...as far as the job tip not sure I can help ya there lol put i can give ya some words of wisdom.



  2. lol...very true and thank you

  3. I def feel where you are coming from the no job having aspect.. thank God i dont even live with my mom anymore; cause id hear that night/day!! (next) A female friend told me she wouldnt lessen her standards as a women.. then it came to (via Wale "Diary") my thing is, what if these standards are unattainable?? Would you settle for anything less my first question? Dont blame you for weighing your options, but what if a guy happens to earn your love and you feel the same way.. What happens to these other guys? lol so ima leave with saying this "closed mouths never get fed" speak up cause that one you adore 9 times out of 10 cant read minds.. But who am I to just go commenting on yo shit. And these men/boys who lash out at you because they say youre mean.. should probably know you, i have a feel for who you are in a sense and i rather not speak on it.. ;)

  4. lmao...welp, "I OPENED MY MOUTH" lol
    & now, idk...im preparing for the best or the worst.

  5. you are a very funny person might i add.. wont speak on the certain situation, but i didnt know girls were the pursuers unless it was a bad guy speaking in general... good girls go for bad guys, and nice guys finish last.(ima different breed) but im in a similar situation and im preparing for the best/worst... maybe you can help me out??