Brain Leakage pt.2

I'm assuming that you all know that the "Brain Leakage" post is myself venting.

I'm not talkin heads or anything, just shit that's resting on my mind.

Success? What is the definition of this over used word?

Pronunciation: \sək-ˈses\ Function: noun\ Etymology: Latin successus, from succedere\ Date: 1537

1 obsolete : outcome, result
2 a : degree or measure of succeeding b :favorable or desired outcome; also : the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence
3 : one that succeeds

I have said this before, but that famous shit, I can careless about. Can't fathom that once I get a crap load of money, some hoes and a hefty house then I would be considered successful. Well, that is what folks these days believe it is. To me, success is a state of mind. Now, don't get me wrong, everybody that I support, I hope they become successful in what they do/love. But myself on the other hand...ehh. I'm living that's all I need right now. Being "that chick" is not my intentions. I would rather be and stay the "underdog". It's nothing like being under estimated; people over look you, talk down to you or about you, you know...that kinda shit. Something I don't mind. While they do that, I'll continue to observe, stay positive and grow wise. I'm not pressed about being ridiculously rich like other people. Just wait, from the outcome of being the underdog will be a surprise from me to you. Something like a punch in the face. The face that folks will make because of it...will make me happy...and genuine happiness is my definition of success. Not that materialistic shit. That is all.

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