Sheefy Mcfly Presents...The Air Up There:BATTLE OF THE BANDS
May 29,2010 (duh)
This post is coming straight from my notes that I rewrote the night after and the videos that will be included is from my homie Corey, who also have a blog http://sircoreythecorey.blogspot.com/.

So yesterday, I went to BCK's to attend the Air Up There and by far this was the BEST group of performances that I have seen at Bob's...which is also BCK's (Bob's Classic Kicks)

Some of Detroit's best groups came out lastnight to battle eachother such as Phresh Heir, Thesarus, CSF (Clear Soul Forces), Scene 3, Freshmen and TGL (Tru Great Lakes). There was a surprised guest...yup, we all know him, BREAKDANCE MAN...or just your friendly neighborhood fiend.

So let's get on to the Entertainment.
Random highlight of the night was the one man unplanned pre-show, Breakdance Man. He danced, beat-boxed and even rapped along side with Sheef (he's the host of the Air Up There every month). Nobody knew where he came from or how he got in without paying. Oh well, besides Breakdance Man being an unknown quantity of a person and demanding attention from Sheef and the crowd (did i mention we had a pinky swear;HAND SANITIZER) there was rounds of greatness. First Round was TGL vs. CSF, which was my second favorite round. By the crowd's opinion TGL won but there was an overtime called by CSF which led them to a victory. (CSF that is)
After that round there was a tie breaking round between Doc Waffles and Phenom. WHICH WAS FUCKIN HILARIOUS. For the last couple of Air Up There's Phenom and Waffles have been battling against each other. This was their final battle against each other. This was also Doc Waffles last performance at BCK's (sad face). The battle got too real and blueberry waffles was thrown onto the floor, niggas wasting food n' shit.lol. Anyhoo...DOC WON, which was something I predicted, then him and Sheef performed a song from "The Coolest Loser" mixtape. In other words something I need in my iTunes.
The second round was Thesarus vs. Phresh Heir. Real Shit, I was hot as crap so I only stayed to watch Thesarus perform then I took my ass outside for a few minutes. While I was outside I chilled with Jsun, Dev Holly and CSF. I even learned two new handshakes, one called "the Pancake" and another called "the Grenade". But that's irrelevant. Thesarus lost against Phresh Heir and that led to round three.
Okay, so this part of the show is a blur...so ima just throw some shit out there...Euro and Earlly Mac performed and Scene 3 went against Freshmen, Scene 3 won...umm...I told Emills that I was gonna quote him when he said, "More rappin ass rappin" because apparently there was some over competitiveness that made a lil bit of a diss. From who? I have no idea, but it was nothing serious.
The vote was up to the crowd for which two groups was going to perform in the final round. It was between CSF, Phresh Heir and Scene 3. The crowd voted for Phresh Heir and CSF. Now, this was the first time I have seen Phresh Heir perform and I DID NOT know they had a band "BAND"...like with guitars n' shit. I think that's rather awesome. If you're wondering which round was my favorite, it was definitely the final round. Anyhoo...

To make a long story short...My homies Clear Soul Forces won.
I got mad love for everyone who performed, I was pleased.
Mama was proud.


here go some vids thanx to Corey.





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