IM BACK.!!!..with The Ecstatic

So, I'm a year late(by the way..happy new years people of America)I knew I should have looked deeper into Mos Def's "The Ecstatic" once I have heard "Casa Bey." The video was nice too. Thanks to Jason (yea..Mani shouts you out =] ). It took a song to inspire me and to blog about it...that song is Roses feat. Georgia Anna Muldrow. I've been sleep.lol. I'm still dwelling on "Black On Both Sides",peep the cover art on the right hand side of your screen.lol.

I can admit that I shed some tears listening to Roses. Gotta love good music that hits the heart. here's the link to the song..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=707C8ULPUqg..Shouts out to the random guy who put that on youtube...2 points for you.

Anyhoo...The Ecstatic
I can't make you love it,but i recommend it. It reminds me of a classic Mos Def ,70ish Roy Ayers with sprinkled Jimmy Hendrix flakes (on Supermagic). Good Icecream.?lol.I still think that Talib Kweli and Mos Def should do another album,especially after hearing "History".

"Lay off the bacon and the smoke"

Well..that's all about that..peace♥.
p.s. 24hourKarateSchool....listen to it.!

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