Brain Leakage pt.8

The person everybody seems to hate, the liars...

Lie; Lying
1 : to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive
: to create a false or misleading impression
Everybody seem like they never lie and keep everything 100. I kinda hate that phrase, but whatever. Like I said on twitter, "if I say "I never lied" that would be a lie in it's entirety...I have before within the years but it has not and will not become a habit". Everybody and I mean everybody have lied at one point in time in thier life span. Whether it was to cover up a small spill or to hide an catastrophe. Not saying that it's a good idea. But...let's not make this an everyday, all day thing. I mean, to my surprise (not really) I have been lied to on some HEAVY shit recently. How, well...what people don't seem to understand is that Detroit might be a major city, but if you converse with the same crowd of people, word gets around as if we all stayed in a small town (I did not mean to rhyme on purpose). Be mindful of who you talk to and what you speak of. And most definitely watch your actions. If I have a gut feeling about something , you stated your case and I find out that it was all a lie; do not deny what you have done. Before I go on, sneakiness isn't the answer either. Just be straight up with yo' shit. Once you lie you will have to continue your lying just to cover he first one up. No matter how old it was. Then you become a habitual liar. WHO LIKE THOSE DIPSHITS? NO ONE. I have a low tolerance for liars ESPECIALLY in a relationship. I won't judge you if you lie to me once. But when you're simultaneously doing it that's when I'm done. Who are you to speak of trust if you're lying? After a while it becomes comical and mighty pathetic. The truth will show it's face sooner than what you think.

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