Work Stuff

This is what I wrote at work when I was bored, no bullshit:

Thoughts at GNC
11:53 A.M. Tuesday
September 7, 2010

Bloop Bloop Bloop Bloop
Bleep Bleep Bloop Bloop

Yaba daba. BOOM BOOM
Criss Cross, apple sauce...yo ass lost, BITCH PLEASE
I'm supposed to be working, working, working
Instead I'm playing a robot flinstone game in my head
Bleep Bleep Bloop, Yaba Daba Delicious

Strawberries and honey
I don't like yellow bunnies...pissy lookin cottonballs
Pissy lookin cottonballs...balls balls balls

I left my notebook open because on the other side I was writing down information about herbs and other stuff. My manager walked in...and read it. =/

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