Red Cup Anniversary Session

Ima give you all some background on the first Red Cup Session. If I am not mistaken, the session was September 29th, 2009 and the location was at the Omega Psi Phi house on Ferry Street. That was the first time I've seen a lot of young Detroit artist in one spot showcasing their music. Everything was chill, I've also reunited with some familiar faces. Then at the end of the show, I found myself on the stage shaking my ass. Good Times.

From the vague flashback why wouldn't you bring yo' ass?
Peep the flyer below.

Check out the fucking roster, then do me a solid and follow all of them.
  1. Fame @fuckhimIMfamous
  2. Nolan and Philly Fresh @NolanTheNinja and @ThePhillionaire
  3. Patience @p8tience
  4. Jsun @JSUN_MOON
  5. EveryDay Jay @3hundred65
  6. J Scriptz @jscriptz
  7. GBaby @CallmeGT
  8. Q (from TGL) @itzQmannn
  9. Thesaurus @WheresThesaurus
  10. Freshmen @freshmen_vip and @freshmen_peezie
  11. Jfin @FinIsKing
  12. Big Shan @Sir_ShAnimal
  13. Lord & Taylor (Earl Mac and KeY Wane) @EarllyMac and @KeY_Wane
  14. Buzz Burrus @BuzzBurrus
  15. Chuck Good @MrRedCupLife

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