So basically there are three different ways to label folks that express themselves through their clothes. I know, I know. Labeling isn't the best thing to do, but I have realized what categories would be appropriate. Remember, this is all my opinion.

Hmm. Something that is normally main stream. First it's designed from someone's creative mind. Seen in New York's fashion week (or some other fashion show). Then it is released out into stores in bulk or sold in boutiques. Limited Quality. Fashion designers are the biggest trend setters of our millennium. Most of them have my respect.

Individual Style

Dressing in whatever way not having a care about anyone's opinion. No matter how ridiculous you look, as long as you are content with how you look. Everybody could be wearing one thing but you would rather wear the other. Not necessarily being unique because everybody is trying to do that. Individuality, self-confidence and daring a possibly the best ways to describe one's self.

This have to be the most pathetic out of the three. A hypebeast is somebody that does something because it is being hyped up at the moment. Oppose to doing it because they genuinely like it. Most of the time it's t blend in with whatever crowd is popular. You know, the guy or gal who wanna be looked at as "cool". I would go deeper into this but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

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  1. Well to me you have categorized the 3 to the T!... yes you are correct its not nice to but labels on people (but who the fuck cares) but how else are you gonna be able to identify a class of people with out em!! But anyways there is a lot of hype breasting among us at alarming rate and sadly to say I fear that it may never go away… the days of Individuality are numbered most people are to busy trying to fit in and not jus be themselves